Entry 3 – Now to run

I wanted to lose weight and although I was keeping up cycling on a regular basis my husband pointed out that the cycling only works certain areas and so I found a book aptly called Run Fat Bitch Run and started to read up on running from someone new and in the same boat as me.  I am not kidding about the book that really is the title and I would recommend it’s absolutely hilarious!  After the first page I knew this was right up my street and I would be hooked!


I had done the Big Fun Run which was a 5k race with a friend of mine called Jodie and it was a really hot day and I was a cow – a big fat massive cow.  If i have a route to run I am ok as I know where I am and if I am halfway round or on the home stretch but on a route I do not know I find that I feel like I have run a marathon and see a sign that says 3k and think – seriously?!

She was so patient with me and gave lots of words of encouragement and like I said I was just a miserable fat moaning cow. She said it is lovely that people are cheering us on and my response was that it wasn’t and it was ok for them as they weren’t having to run it – grateful wasn’t I? On the home stretch I decided I had to stop and in a fit of anger with myself told Jodie in a not so nice way to go on without me and I guess fed up with my moaning she did continue to run and I stood there like a lost child thinking oh my god she’s actually left me! She stopped shortly after and we finished the race with a pathetic time of 42 minutes and I had to run to the loo and be sick.

I was that unfit! Still I got a medal and we raised loads of money for the charity SANDS which is very close to my heart.


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