Entry 4 – Smile and mentally plan how to get your revenge!

I have mentioned before my husband is part of a cycle club and they had all put in to the ballot for the Prudential Ride London which is a 100 mile bike ride from London to Surrey and back again.  I have been a cheerleader for this before when the first ride took place in 2013 and a group of wives, girlfriends and friends were at the finish to cheer on the members of the cycle club who were taking part.  It was the best day and we spoke of it for the longest time afterwards so naturally all of the members of the club wanted to take part in 2014 as well.


There were a number of posts on Facebook with people saying if they had or hadn’t manage to be successful with a ballot place.  I called my husband and said to check the post to see if he had got in and he did whilst I was on the phone and said yes its here and he opened it and said yes he had got a place – excellent I was so pleased for him.  Short lived. He then said oh actually this is not mine this is yours you got a place……

I was confused. I had not entered the ballot and 100 miles – was he crazy?  Had he taken something? My husband loves to help others and was loving helping me and thought it would be a good event to aim for and was convinced that with training I could do it. I think I may have hung up on him I’m not sure. He didn’t get a place – that is probably karma.

Luckily the club had a team place and he was lucky to get voted into a place on that and was training for a 186 mile bike ride in Sweden called the Vatternrundan which is a bike ride around a lake – its beautiful but crikey thats a long way and for sure a numb bum!  Anyway it meant that he was cycling a lot and so was I.

I slowly changed my mind from thinking that he was mental to thinking that I would train for it and see how I felt nearer the time and if not could defer until the following year.  A few more events and I had made my mind up I would do this ride and would complete it no matter what I was determined though I kept it a secret as I felt somewhat foolish.

So onwards with the training and also still trying not to fall over on the bike with those silly clippy shoes and I got there in the end!  The event was in August and the weather was torrential!  We got the tail end of Hurricane Bertha and it was worse than anything anyone had ever cycled in.  As the weather was so bad my husband and a friend of ours, Tim, (the other significant other in my husbands life ha ha) decided to cycle with me. There are three main hills on the route – Newlands Corner, Box Hill and Leith Hill. I had heard horror stories about all of them and stupidly watched You Tube videos of people cycling up all three and was nervous – really nervous.  Touch wood I have not yet had to get off my bike on a hill – I am not good on hills and generally not good at sport of any kind and can be liable to a tantrum similar to that of a toddler when things go wrong so I was dreading having to get off my bike.  I am not sure if it was a blessing or a disappointment but due to the weather the route was cut short and Leith Hill and Box Hill were cut out so I just had Newlands Corner to tackle.

The ride took us 5 hours and 21 minutes and I was chuffed! I even put in the ballot for 2015 and have my fingers crossed for a place again!

ride100 ride100certificate

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