Entry 6 – Is it enjoyable? God no!

So I had this ideal in my head that I would learn to love to run and going to the gym and doing the bike rides and over time I would find it all easy and be one of those fit people who go out running – in public – and make it look so easy! It’s not easy and I would love to say it gets easier but it doesn’t feel like that!

It is the people that help – I’ve mentioned before about the cycle club my husband is a part of well I am now too. Got the kit and everything!  Mind you all cycle wear and general gym gear tends to be very unforgiving lycra of some sort but anyway. Seriously though they are the nicest bunch of people who I now class as friends and doing all of this sporty shenanigans is easier with people and as you will guess from this blog I can ramble on for hours so will pretty much talk to anyone.  The biggest help has been my husband though I won’t tell him this in case it goes to his head I will never hear the end of it!

Whenever I go to the gym I avoid the weights section as that is where the boys hang out and they don’t sweat ever. I seem to be the most red person regardless what I do.  I puff and pant when running its a wonder I don’t scare people they probably think I am about to die – I put on my headphones and sunglasses (regardless of the weather) to hide some of my face!  Some classes I just avoid – Body Pump seemed to have some unwritten instructions that I missed where everyone knew what to do when and what weights to use and I was stood there like a lemon looking very lost – didn’t help that the instructor was scary as hell! I once did a yoga class and didn’t return.  It is easy to pass wind in a yoga class – thankfully silent but nonetheless won’t continue that class just in case! Funnily enough spin was the one class I could get through – its hard don’t get me wrong but I could do the class.  Yes I would be even more red and sweaty by the end if that was even possible but I managed to get there.  I still get a little nervous on the road with heavy traffic but I am trying.

I also have a lot of the gear (with the husband being a gadget freak – I am surprised we do not have shares in Garmin).  I don’t know how to use it mind you but I have it.

It is enjoyable crossing the finish line every time I must admit that! It must be getting a bit easier as the distances on the bike increase and the runs get longer though I am yet to do more than 10k and it seems like an impossible thing to do but watch this space…….

And it is cliche but seriously if I can do it anyone can!

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