Entry 8 – Today I swam

As if the lycra of cycling wear and running clothing is not bad enough (none really designed for anyone with any excess flubber) swimwear is worse! I loathe swimwear of all sorts:

  • bikinis – my worst nightmare and no one needs to see that
  • swimming costumes – awful
  • tankinis – god no they might ride up and flash some flabby flesh
  • swimming suits with shorts built in – may as well have a sign saying I am too fat for the others
  • wet suits – I would look like I need to be put out to sea

After years of faddy diets I completely get that it is very simple to lose weight by eating healthy and exercising. But it’s so hard. I love food and I don’t like exercising much. That’s a bit of a lie actually as I do like the part of exercising when I am done – don’t we all?!

So this morning the husband was going for a swim and I did too. The pool at our gym is a good size (25 metres) and if you go early or late it is empty which is a bonus. This was the pool when we got there at 8am this morning:


My swimsuit is black and white and I like to get in and out of the pool as quickly as possible so that no one can see me – I resemble a baby killer whale going out to sea. Another sport I am not good at.  Don’t get me wrong I can hold my own but I am limited to old granny breast stroke. That is my comfort zone.  I will not attempt butterfly as I think the life guard may dive in and attempt to save me assuming I was drowning. Back stroke is not my thing (I have a generous bust and natural buoyancy would probably flip me over and I would end up face in the water) and front crawl I always think I do ok but I don’t swim straight, I seem to go in a diagonal line and will eventually head butt the wall of the pool.

So I swam 40 lengths which is 1km and it took me 40 minutes with a few breaks – my back aches a bit when swimming.  I think it’s because my bum sinks down but who knows?

Back to running tomorrow. In the cold. In the wind. Probably in the rain.  Keep an eye out for my next post – unless I get swept away by the weather!

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