Entry 10 – The moment I was dreading!

We all have that moment where we have over indulged over the Christmas/New Year period and just keep putting off the inevitable – getting on the scales to see just how bad the damage is.  This morning I took the plunge!

It was bad. Though I suppose not as bad as it could have been.  I have put on 6lbs!! That’s almost half a stone!! I would try and think of funny examples of what that is equivalent to but it would depress me too much and so instead I let it propel me this morning into going for another 5k run – with some angry music to go with my mood.

I had to change the numbers on my weight loss plaque – vile! I got it from a lovely lady I know and I must admit when everything goes to plan I love changing the figures to show how much I have lost and hang it on a cupboard in my kitchen so when I think oh sod it I will just have a bit of chocolate I see it and think no I don’t want to put a lower number on there! (sad I know but whatever works).  Here it is after I had to change it this morning:


In case anyone is interested in getting one of these – they are great to motivate you – here is the facebook page for Carrie’s Creations: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Carries-Creations/211831025628393?fref=ts

So onwards and upwards and another 5k run under my belt in the early morning cold weather – and I do have my running partner back (following an op) so thats good.


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