Entry 12 – Can I just get in bed instead?

I made plans to run yesterday and the meeting time was 9pm. Yes 9pm. In the evening. I was fairly certain I would end up blowing out my running buddy. I just wanted to get in bed by 9pm!

But I didn’t and feel quite good. I am determined!

We did a 5k loop we’ve done before and it was 1 minute quicker than last time so not a major improvement by an improvement nonetheless. I still run a slow 5k and never got better than running it in 32 minutes. The quickest runner at the 10k I did at the weekend was 34 minutes!! 34 minutes for a 10k!! I have decided this person must surely be part robot.

So if I can do it anyone can and although this post is short and sweet I really wanted to say thanks to everyone for their kind words and support it means a lot as I am new to this. Especially those that run or cycle with me and wait to help me! So put in your trainers and go for a run! I did and felt better for it look!


Ok who am I kidding this was how I felt:


But I did it!

Tonight I am doing nothing though ha ha! Well I’m not bloody Wonder Woman! x

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