Entry 14 – Portion control sucks!

All the exercise in the world won’t do anything if you are still cramming your face with rubbish! I know this but I, like most others, love my food.

When you are watching what you eat to lose weight it soon becomes apparent that even if you eat pretty well you are probably eating too much – this is the case with me. I figure that’s healthy – pile it up! Some foods you can do this with but others it’s surprising the size you should have.

For example, I had a freebie packet of Special K so yesterday had that for breakfast with skimmed milk. Now Special K is advertised as a cereal that can be part of a diet in fact they have their own diet plan where two meals are their cereal. Have you checked the portion size though? Like I said I like my food, who doesn’t, but when I emptied the individual box of Special K my heart sank!

It’s a standard portion box which is 30g. Let me just say my 4 year old niece would eat more for breakfast!


Makes you think right?

I’m like a baby, I need to be fed and watered or I am likely to have a tantrum.

Make smart food choices! Here are some examples before the weekend begins that made me think (these are just an average):

  • 1 handful of cherry tomatoes is the same calories as two french fries
  • 1 handful of grapes is the same calories as a tablespoon of m&ms
  • 1 large glass of white wine is the same calories as a ring glazed donut
  • 1 pina colada is the same calories as a cheeseburger
  • 1 pint of beer is the same calories of almost 100 small strawberries

Some easy changes:

  • swap 1 average glass of orange juice for a fresh orange and save 125 calories
  • swap 1 packet of walkers crisps for a packet of snack a jacks rice cakes and save 43 calories or for a packet of popcorn and save 62 calories
  • swap 1 white bagel for an english muffin and save 101 calories or a crumpet and save 135 calories
  • swap 1 snickers chocolate bar for a flyte chocolate bar and save 148 calories
  • swap 1 glass of white wine for a gin and slimline tonic and save 86 calories
  • swap 50g of cheddar cheese for 50g of mozzarella and save 96 calories

Right I am looking forward to a nice gin and tonic tonight now! Cheers!

One thought on “Entry 14 – Portion control sucks!

  1. I find cereal to be the worst calorie ‘con’… a decent size bowl is easily three times the amount that they suggest. I find the only cereal that you can get a decent amount of while keeping the calories low is rice crispies. Those posh wholesome looking granola things- forget it, you may as well have a big mac! x


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