Entry 16 – The weekend, no cake and start of the week with turbo trainer terror…….oh and weigh in day

This weekend my husband was on a cycle coach course so was not around much Saturday or Sunday.  I am not good when left alone, if I am not occupied my brain tells me I am hungry and that is the danger zone.  So I made myself busy in a torturous, almost self harming sort of way – I made my husband a birthday cake. I then watched an entire series of Greys Anatomy (I know I am several years behind the trend), painted my nails and had some me time then headed out to the pub for drinks and food with friends for his birthday.

When you are trying to be healthy going out and picking items off a menu can seem awful – ooh what one of the two salads that are not overly appealing shall I pick? I have found that most places don’t mind doing something different and on Saturday in the pub they were more than helpful so I had a rare steak (and cut off the fat) and instead of chips or potatoes they made me a large side salad with a dressing – all items they sell on other meals so always worth an ask.  I followed this by no cake!  I cheerfully cut it for everyone who came of course not wishing they choked at all whilst sitting on their skinny backsides eating cake ha ha! Here is the finished cake:


So not just cake but buttercream and chocolate fingers and chocolate buttons and maltesers and I didn’t eat a bit and that’s what I meant when I said busying myself with this and not eating it was torture.

Sunday I ran a 10k with my dog and met a friend with her dog for half of it.  That means we are not half way through January and I have run almost 41k so am a bit chuffed right now!

Today was weigh in day, as if Mondays aren’t bad enough! I lost 2 pounds though so onwards and upwards and changed my plaque determined that next week will be back into the 30’s range!


Feeling determined I decided before I would start my day to go on the turbo trainer for a half hour session.  If you don’t know what a turbo trainer is then it is a machine you can attach your bike to and cycle without leaving the house.  Amazing right? Wrong!  It is vile! I’ve not yet found anyone who is happy to spend time on the turbo – its boring, its hot and seems to take forever.  Half an hour seems twice as long!  But it is done and has set me up for the day.

Another birthday dinner tonight and more cake I will not eat – I will put at least 30 lbs on that weight loss plaque next week otherwise I will make another cake like that above and shove my face in the middle of it!

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