Entry 19 – Blah Blah Blah go workout!

I’m so tired today I do NOT want to run tonight. But I will!


Last night my husband took part in a duathlon and I was there supporting, whilst volunteering to make tea and coffee for people – glamorous right? No but it kept me in the warm where I watched him run and cycle in the cold, wind and wet. I would have been so miserable out there for a few reasons: the weather, it’s exercise and also it was on a running track so was the dreaded laps! He managed to shoot me a smile every time he passed the window! That crazy fool has so much will power and determination it eggs me on!

However, last night we had a bee or fly or some other insect sent from the devil in our bedroom and could not find it! But we could hear it! ALL NIGHT!! As a result we are both tired and grumpy today.

But I will run tonight because:


Isn’t that positive and upbeat?! Meh! I will run, like I said, but actually the truth is I feel like this:


So as parting, and inspiring, note I leave you today with this ha ha


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