Entry 21 – As if Mondays aren’t bad enough!

Everyone hates Mondays – the weekend goes too quickly and its back to the grind.  Also for me Monday is weigh in day.  As the title of my blog, FatGirlFit, suggests I am on a diet and exercising and not very good at either!


I had a good week, don’t get me wrong, got in two swims, a session on the turbo trainer, ran over 10 miles, got a personal best time on both my 5k and 10k runs, stuck to my diet – didn’t go over my daily calorie allowance once, and had two birthday celebrations where I chose well from the menu and politely smiled and declined cake (even though inside I wanted to inhale the whole thing)!

So I weigh myself this morning with my plaque on the side in the kitchen ready to change the figures to get back into the 30’s and i lost (drum roll please)………nothing!  That’s right – NOTHING! It is taking everything in my power not to head to the fridge and eat my sons left over christmas chocolate!!

So my husband receives the angry text message from me which is standard when I do not lose weight and is the voice of reason telling me that muscle weighs more than fat and you can’t lose every week – I know this is right and yet it does not help my mood.  The upside is that on my his fancy pants weighing scales my percentage of fat has gone down 2% so instead of being similar to a pork scratching I am now probably more of a mars bar.

So I have learnt this week a few things.Swimming with nicely done new nails is pointless:


Muscle weighs more than fat but I am sticking with the fact that my scales hate me:


I am also sick of eating salad so need to change up my food a bit:


Still I shall not let this get me down:


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