Entry 22 – Spin spin sugar!

I went swimming on Tuesday night – empty pool again with the lights off – lovely!

IMG_8263I bumped into my cousin and her boyfriend at the gym and there is a new video showing on a loop in the lobby showing different classes and facilities of the gym – good right?  Not so much when the video of the spin class comes on and you can see someone jiggling at the back as the camera pans their fat ass before you realise it is in fact you!  Yep that’s right I stood there staring like yep that’s me – mortified!  It was from last year and I am now almost 30 lbs lighter but still.  I have not been to spin class in a little while and have decided to add this into my weekly schedule again.  So last night that is where I was.

If you’ve never been to a spin class you should its great!  Actually that’s sort of a lie – it is a great class and you will know you’ve done a workout by the end of it but during it, if you are like me, you watch the clock and count down the minutes until the end.


It’s a stationary bike (with a really uncomfortable seat) that you add resistance to – generally to up tempo music. Lots of up and down on the bike to give an equivalent of hill climbing.  Mostly the classes are done by a sadomasochist instructor who likes to walk around and turn up the resistance because they are the devil, which is nice.


The class last night was the first I had attended with this new instructor and she was good! I signed up straight away for next Wednesday when the class finished. The only annoying thing about the class were the 3 ditzy girls as I shall call them. They had never done a spin class and rocked up with perfect hair and make up and no towel for sweat (I didn’t say it was glamorous)! Rooky mistake ditzy girls! There is no point doing hair and/or make up for a spin class! And a towel is necessary to mop your brow – if you are not sweating, and I don’t mean a little glow I mean full on worked up a good gross sweat, you are probably not trying hard enough! They spent most of the class saying ‘oh my god’ about anything and everything and saying they were either going to die, have to stop or fall off the bike – any one of those options would have been good with me! At the end they took it in turns to ask each other if they were red?! They were next to me so needn’t have worried I go various shades of beetroot when exercising!


So last night I was wondering if instead of going to work today I could phone in with this excuse? Worth a try right?


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