Entry 23 – Yellow running trousers are not the one but my husband is (aaahhhh)

So as the title suggests – good news and bad news, will start with the good news:

Yesterday my husband and I took a day off from exercising and spent the day in London.  A little while ago we visited a market in Covent Garden and there was a lady there who did pencil drawings and of course my eye was drawn to one with a lady standing on some weighing scales titled “Judgement” which is based around why the number on the scale is never good enough.  Pretty apt really as I have been disheartened with the fact that the numbers on my scales are not reducing quick enough even though it is being pointed out to me that my body fat is that is better – I think it is actually because all weighing scales are evil and sent from the devil himself!

Anyway as we were walking around London yesterday we found ourselves in this market again and he had bought me back to buy me this picture – I love it!


Now for the bad news.  I have a 10k run today and am sitting here typing this to busy myself as I get so nervous before any event.  This morning was not made better when I tried on my new jazzy running leggings:


Won’t miss me in those bad boys – they are as bright as they are in the picture!

Well actually you will miss me because the bad news is that I learnt today that yellow running leggings are not the one if you have any fat on you anywhere – they are also slightly see through which is not a good look on someone trying to lose weight.

Picture this but in yellow (minus what appears to be a cigarette and also roller skates which I just noticed – although theres a thought to get my run time up ha ha!):


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