Entry 25 – Hunger, frozen grapes, new book and did I really smile when running?!

Yesterday morning started with a turbo trainer session at home – half an hour of pain before 6am!  Nightmare!  But set me up for the day!


Last night I went to the cinema straight from work with the husband and we only had time to grab a quick bite before the film started so we had sushi.  He loves sushi.  I’ve not had that much and am not entirely sure about it.  He had a rather exotic looking platter with some weird green paste mixed with soy sauce that I tasted (by accident) and it made my throat burn and eyes water – will steer clear of that in future!  I had what I am guessing to be a baby version of sushi which was basically rice and smoked salmon – not much to dislike and only 215 calories for my portion – win win!  I have woken up ready to eat my own foot though.


So I need to eat!  I am not a huge carb lover – can go without it easily but once I have one slice of bread I could easily eat the loaf!  I seem to not be wired with that switch most people get when they say they are so full they couldn’t eat another thing.  Not me!  Give me two secs and I can just keep going!  It’s not a good thing!  This morning I could eat a full English – bacon, eggs, sausage, black pudding, hash browns, toast and maybe even more.  But I am determined so am having porridge instead – its nice porridge from Pret and with the compote is 276 calories.


Anyway, as you know I took part in the Victoria Park 10k at the weekend and a friend has some pictures that the organisers kindly take as you run the course (whilst dying) to document how red and sweaty and generally gross looking you can get when running.  There is one though that surprised me – I am running with my friend Helen and we are both waving and I am smiling.  Smiling whilst running – who’d have thunk it! I wonder if it has been photo-shopped?!


Not sure what is with the dodgy two handed wave we are both doing – we both laughed at this!

I also need to share with you a snack I have stumbled upon.  I am one of those people that every now and then fancy something to snack on and if on a diet the options are not always amazing but I read recently about frozen grapes.  At first I thought they would taste awful but worth a go so divided a portion of grapes into snack portions and bunged them in the freezer – amazing!  I measured a cups worth which is roughly 60 calories – definitely hit the spot!  Try it you might like them too!


Anyway I shall leave you for today and carry on reading my new book which I will come to in another post (I have just got to a bit about running with boobs – was on my list for a blog post!):


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