Entry 30 – My weekend and weigh-in day

Saturday I did the QEOP 10k run for the second time – this was the one I blogged about before where my husband ran with me, the dreaded lap circuits and I completed it in 1 hour 8 minutes.  Saturday the route varied slightly (we were going in the opposite direction and a slight lap variation in some points) as there was another event in the park (jumping into icy water – erm no thanks that actually makes a 10k run look appealing to me)!

This is a run organised by the Race Organiser and I would recommend it, even though it is laps.  The entry is only £17 and you get a goody bag and medal and you can buy photos after the event should you wish.  There is quite a group of people I know who do this run now.

On Saturday one of the guys, Steve, from my cycle club, Romford CC, was running and he decided to run with me – I had left my husband in bed as he had been sick through the night. I completed it with a pb for both my 5k (30 minutes and 40 seconds) and 10k (1 hour 3 minutes 17 seconds)! Chuffed to bits!!


This morning I was supposed to be doing a cycle event but we decided against it as the weather lately has left a lot of slippery icy roads and pavements as I found out Thursday night when running with the dog – she went one way round a lamp post and me the other, slipped and nearly fell but not quite.  So instead I hopped on the turbo – what fun for a Sunday morning!


Although not at the event in the cycle club kit I was supporting them from the turbo at home!


Usually I do 30 minutes on the turbo and it feels like a lifetime.  As I was not doing the event I decided to up it slightly to 45 minutes.  I put my kindle over my Garmin so I cant see the speed and time (clock watching is never good and least of all on a turbo).  I am reading Running Like a Girl – I was at the part she was in the middle of doing the London marathon and before I knew it my husband had come upstairs and asked me what was wrong when I realised I was crying.  She was doubting she could finish and then came upon a man who was guiding another man who had a strap to a third man who was blind.  His name was Blind Dave.  They were doing 7 marathons in 7 days – some people are amazing! I didn’t want to do 45 minutes on the turbo and they had done that – get a grip Lisa for christ sakes!  I knew I would feel better after the exercise!


My husband wanted me to go to an hour but by 45 minutes I was dripping in sweat (attractive huh?) and I am fairly certain part of my bib shorts (these are padded shorts for the bike) were probably inside me and my crotch was numb!  So I limited it to 45 minutes!  Then walked like John Wayne to the shower.

And so weigh in day was this morning!  And I stayed the same. No weight lost – meh! But body fat reduced so that is something.  Or maybe I am weighing myself wrong? ha ha


Right now I would like to eat a whole chocolate orange for breakfast but I won’t!  Mostly because I don’t have a chocolate orange in the house.  Also because next week I will be changing the numbers on my plaque with an increased weight loss!  I just have to remember two things:


and more importantly (insert evil laugh):

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