Entry 31 – Boobs!

So this is me ha ha


But that is not the best for running! Or exercise in general in fact.


This is a real problem and I am sure of two things – men who have clicked through to read this have done so as I have titled it Boobs! Women reading this have seen the above and nodded! Running when you have an ample chest is not the one!

Before I started trying to run I had friends who ran who would ask me to go with them and said that they would help me and I would smile politely whilst thinking either:



knocked out

I did want to start the running though and so had to just deal with it. Men are lucky not to have such problems!


One thing I have learnt is that:


So it was time to invest in a decent sports bra.  I had tried a Shock Absorber and whilst they had great support it was a two man job to get in and out of the thing!


The one I found the best was actually from good old Marks and Spencer!  It is bright red and orange so clashes amazing with all my other non colour coordinated exercise wear nicely!


So ladies make sure you have a good sports bra as this is never a good look:


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