Entry 33 – A heavy weekend and weigh-in day

I’ve had a weekend off!  Spent in Poole with some lovely family for a 60th birthday celebration.  A weekend with no exercise is a first in a while.  I passed politely on another cake I made:


And I really wanted some cake and chocolate too! Don’t we all?


It was in vain though as I drank my body weight in gin (which is a lot).


Alcohol contains so many empty calories – it is surprising how many, have a look:


So I put on half a pound I found when I weighed myself this morning.  So the plaque has changed but will spur me on for this week as I get back into it.  It is the first gain I have had this year and a minor blip so I can’t complain too much.

I will run this morning and plan on making it a good one to set me up for the week.


The whole point of this blog is to document my journey to getting fitter and less fatter (and of course to let you all laugh at my expense along the way) but I am in no way under any illusion this is not a long process and will be worth it in the end (when I have more medals than my husband).


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