Entry 37 – Back to circuit training with a bump and a burpee!

So I decided to add circuit training into my weekly workouts. I’ve not been since the end of last year. Last night I did the class with a friend, Hugh, and it started ok.  The instructor, Chris, I know and so said the usual hello and how are you etc then Hugh and I mocked him for his posing in the new gym promo video that plays on a loop – he loves it!

You will have gathered by now that any sort of exercise I do I will inevitably have a sarcastic word or two about it and circuit training is no different. You get out as much as you put in so with events booked I went hard not missing any stations.

I actually laughed in the warm up as we ran laps of the gym and got caught by Chris and had to explain this would be the first and last time I am in front and winning a race! Ok it wasn’t a race but just let me have my moment here as I managed to stay in front! Go me! Back in the day I would be very strategic about the warm up run – it killed me so I would wear a hoodie then that was an excuse to stop and take it off, then oh dear my hair should be up so stop and sort that out. I’m a clever clogs but only cheating myself and now I can do it!

So it was stations you were on for 1 minute 30 seconds and you repeat the exercise and work your way around the room twice then ab work. The stations were dynamic push ups, shuttle runs, lunges with weights, box jumps with squats, lateral raises, army crawls, clean and jerk, squats with weights and of course burpees.

Burpees are my nemesis – a jumping jack with a squat thrust – vile!


Ab work was plank, ab crunches and then speedy bicycle crunches. These were made better by the fact that Chris decided to take off his tshirt and reveal a rather ladylike vest which Hugh and I found to be hilarious! Needless to say I feel like I have been punched in the stomach this morning.  Circuit training is hard if you work hard but almost always worse the following day.


I was almost tempted to run to and from the gym last night but didn’t as I had a feeling it was a bad idea and pleased I went with my gut feeling!  My husband may have found me on route in the fetal position. I’m not sure I would have made it home and John Wayne running is never a good look! I left a sweaty mess – not glowing but an actual sweaty mess – but had a good workout and already signed up for next week.


So on to spin tonight – spin spin sugar. Its all go!

I find for me having a routine works by far better otherwise I am a lazy old cow!  I sign up for the events in advance and I have goals to aim for.  Although I book a few per month as they are expensive you know!  I am also thinking Easter is coming up and I will resist all the chocolate and not undo my hard work so this seemed appropriate:


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