Entry 38 – What a plank! (Oh and weigh in day and sub 30 5k)

I’m knackered!

Last week I ran 5k Monday, circuit training Tuesday, ran to and from the gym and spin class on Wednesday, ran 5k Thursday, rest day Friday, ran over 7k Saturday and then cycled 20 miles on Sunday!

Saturday I literally had to push myself out the door to go and run. I wanted to go back to bed and hide under my duvet. I’m pleased I ran though as I finally got a sub 30 minute 5k!! I noticed on my running watch the time and thought I could do it in under the 30 minutes so pushed it as I ran round the duck pond.  I must have looked like a lunatic upping my pace, panting like an asthmatic running for a bus, and hoping my legs would get me the time I wanted without giving out under me and leaving me a sweaty heap on the floor, probably with a face of goose sh*t if I did fall. But I didn’t – this girl can!

By the time I finished my face was the colour of my new bright pink running jacket:

The pic above was taken pre run obviously as my face is a normal skin shade and not quite so tomato red and sweaty as post workout.

And like a massive saddo geek I rushed straight in to a) wash my stinky muddy dog who it seems has to run in every patch of mud and water on our runs and then b) load my run on the computer to check I did actually get it and I did!!

And the weather was finally ok to cycle so I got back out on my bike.  I figured for my first ride (on my new bike) the cycle centre would be a good bet. I saw sun so put on my shorts and turned up in the freezing looking like a right weirdo in shorts.  The cycle centre has its own weather system and on a mild day is windy so on a windy day is not good at all.  The wind huffed and puffed and almost blew me down on my new sleek and lighter bike but there’s a lot of me and although it moved me I stayed on.  20 miles and it is what they say … Just like riding a bike!

So I then decided as I need to get back cycling I should concentrate on my core so would start a 30 day plank challenge from 1 March. Planks are just wonderful. That’s sarcasm again there. Someone watching me plank may after a while think I am having some form of seizure as my whole body shakes. I don’t need to be put in the recovery position though thanks.

Celebrated my lovely Nan’s 80th birthday with yet another cake I refrained from having a bit of.  That’s ok though it helps me making everyone else fat mwahahahaha

And so weigh in day came again today and I lost 3 pounds – plaque has been changed and I am going to smile through my early morning run today. That’s a lie I will get five minutes in and sound like an escaped convict on the loose running from the police. I do envy those runners that make it look so easy and glide past with their long strides and no heavy breathing noises and no I never think of tripping them up (well hardly ever)!


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