Entry 40 – 2 rest days in one week?! Lazy b*tch I am!

Usually Friday is my rest day but this week I have given myself an extra rest day and yesterday I did not do my usual evening run – what a lazy b*tch I am!

Truth is I ran 5k Monday, circuit training on Tuesday, spin on Wednesday and still continuing my 30 day plank challenge or as I like to now refer to it my 30 days of feeling like someone has kicked me in the stomach/ribs challenge.

If I am honest I feel like I cheated slightly by not running last night but rest is also part of the program (that’s what I am telling myself anyway).

Circuit training this week was pretty much an hour of lunges and squats and boy do I feel it now in my legs.  My usual circuit buddies were absent on Tuesday and I got partnered with the fit guy and so as not to look like a total fat lazy wench I tried my hardest to keep up with him or rather not lag too far behind.  Big mistake.  Clearly I am a work in progress and this guy was just plain fit.  So I tried my best and continued to squat like Tom Hardy was behind me.  Sadly, he wasn’t.

I am going to say that my knees are not currently feeling amazing but I know I worked hard on the circuits especially all the many many many many squats, and I can’t blame squats as being bad for my knees – being fat is bad for your knees!


Also so many lunges and squats in an hour long session I am lucky my legs didn’t give way and quite frankly just relieved I didn’t fart mid-squat!  After an hour of a circuit instructor shouting for squats, squats with weights, squats with medicine balls, all sorts of squats I started to nervously giggle thinking he had said shots not squats – I would have said yes for sure – much more appealing!

Wednesday I made cupcakes for work and they sat on my desk next to me.  All day.  My will power is getting better as i resisted and did not eat one.  I swear they were whispering to me all day………eat me……eat me.

Spin class on Wednesday with my spin buddy, Rich, was interesting.  One of two things happened – we either misheard the instruction to take off resistance and instead put it on or we were the only two actually working with the resistance and everyone else was cheating.  My legs were on fire – no sprint left – to be honest when the spin instructor shouted to sprint we looked at each other like she was plain crazy.  Also not helped by my new leggings which by the end of the session were giving me a headache.


So the plank challenge.  Clearly I am right in doing some work on my core and my abs but they are protesting (under their many layers of flubber) – I do feel like I have been kicked or punched in the gut.  Repeatedly.  But I will continue to do it, whole body shaking as I plank.  Currently on day 5 and the time to plank, and sets, gradually increase every day.  Today was sets of 40 seconds – I dread to think how long you are expected to plank at day 30.  You may think a minute goes by really fast – you have obviously never tried planking.


Another reason for two rest days was because I have a 10k run Saturday morning and a cycle ride Sunday morning.  Effort levels for both will be somewhere between OMG and WTF!!

Happy Friday and happy weekend all!  I am starting my day with this (and pretending it is a full english fry up).


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