Entry 41 – Run, ride and weigh-in

On Saturday I did another Queen Elizabeth Olympic park 10k run – there were six of us doing it. First time I did it I took 1 hour 8 mins, second time was 1 hour 3 mins and I really really really wanted a sub hour time for this one.  I didn’t get it (insert sad face here). I did improve though and managed to get 1 hour 1 min and do another sub 30 min 5k.


It was lovely weather but being a sweaty overweight gal I think I have worked out that exercise in winter months works better for me!  Same guy on the mega phone made the same comment as I finished – ooh look at this pink face.  Every time! Don’t get me wrong I do look like I am about to combust so I don’t blame him – it’s like the girl from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (mmmm chocolate – sorry got distracted there) but in pink.  That’s me.


Still it is another run done with a little improvement and I felt better for it afterwards.


Saturday evening was out celebrating for my mothers birthday and I drove to a) not drink my daily calorie intake but b) make sure I was in a good enough state to be able to get up and go for a 7am cycle ride with my friend Helen.  I also wore a brand new outfit in new smaller sizes – skinny jeans on me – and I didn’t look like a sausage stuffed in a condom, I felt pretty good!

Yesterday was the first outing on the road on my new bike and it was a lovely day for it even if I did get us slightly lost on route – clearly when I ride with my club I need to pay more attention!  Nice 35 miles done in the sun before I then went to a coaching session ran by my husband for the bike.  Was good fun and we all learnt something so anyone out there want coaching or would like to attend drop a message and come along.

And so weigh-in day today.  I wanted to be able to change that plaque to be at least 40!  I have been soooooo good and exercised and eaten well (and dreamt of chocolate) and I just got it – 1lb off this week and so the plaque is changed and I am pretty pleased.


So my words of wisdom for this week are:


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