Entry 42 – A seriously sexy little spin number!

So last night was my usual Wednesday night spin class.  Minus the usual instructor.  I like the usual instructor so was slightly worried who would be taking the class instead, as I am a creature of habit, and then I spotted him….. Chris.

Chris is the circuits instructor for my Tuesday circuit training class.  I had missed this weeks due to parents evening for my son.  I had every intention of going and even went to the parents evening in full gym clothes, much to my sons horror.  His face when I walked in the room in my gym leggings and t-shirt honestly you would have thought I was going naked.  Apparently it was sooooooo embarrassing.  Worse still when it overran so badly I completely missed my class.

Anyway so Chris was taking the class.  Chris is good and I like him.  Chris is also the instructor I mentioned in a previous blog post with the vest.  This class was no different – there was another rather special vest.  And not just a vest but also a head band.  I took a sneaky picture and sent it to my friends Sophie and Hugh, who also do the circuit class, and who I knew would appreciate it.  Hugh asked if he had got it from iamgarybarlow.com ha ha

It was apt really as the first song was Take That.  Spin needs suitable music and Take That is not it.  So me and my spin buddy Rich started to make jokes to Chris.  However, it did get better and with the better music we also got some smooth moves from Chris.  We had finger tapping, singing, stopping mid standing climb to shout ho over his shoulders in the middle of Uptown Funk, some shimmying whilst on the bike and even some booty shaking.  It was impressive.


It was definitely a climbing spin class and hard on the legs and a good workout and as per usual I looked like I had been swimming – sweaty b*tch I am.

This is us post workout – left to right Chris (with the vest and headband, cue Village People singing Macho Macho Man), my spin buddy Rich and me (at a quick glance looking sweaty but normal but look closer and see that my face is a completely different colour to the rest of my body, its like a big red/purple bruise).


It was a really good class – thoroughly enjoyed it.  Even with Chris screaming at us to turn up the resistance and sprint.  Spin is hard and it burns – of course it does but then again complaining won’t make you look good naked.  Today I will look like I am walking with swagger I am sure – I am just sore as sh*t from yesterday’s workout.

I am heading to the gym tonight for a review with Chris, who will probably have read this and will punish me with a new hard routine to work to – eek sorry Chris!  It’s ok though this girl can! Remember there is no point half assing anything, whatever you do, always use your full ass!

One thought on “Entry 42 – A seriously sexy little spin number!

  1. Blimey Lisa, I thought the picture had been tampered with. That’s one seriously red face, just goes to show how much effort you put into the class though. Well done.

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