Entry 43 – Weak arms, cycling and weigh in day

I should never have made any comments regarding the gym instructors vest as he made me pay for it last Thursday.  I decided to ask him to do a gym review for me and set a plan for toning up the flabby parts of me that wobble in the wind.  And so we started with a plan for arms, shoulders and chest.

Who knew my upper body strength was similar to that of a baby bird.  With no wings.

I was the only person in the gym with a trainer and he very kindly took me through the whole set; which included:

  • chest presses
  • tricep pulldowns
  • bent over rows
  • bicep curls
  • lateral raises
  • pec flys
  • lateral pulldowns
  • tricep extensions

Press ups were originally on there too but there is too much of me to do this and I would, for sure, face plant.

Bent over rows were the one thing I felt most comfortable with as we do this in circuit so I know these and can do them.  Unless….. you have taken the mickey out of your instructors vest and he then walks out with a large bar and two large weights on each end – thanks.  I managed it – barely.  There is a lady at the gym, she does circuits and cross fit, and is incredible – most of the men cannot lift the weights she does, she’s a machine.  Amazing!  She wanted the weights after me and I was happy to pass them away.  Forever.

By Saturday, when I had fully intended to go back for a second session of this, my arms were still dead – they still are today.  Aching is not the word.  I have never focused on this sort of exercise and so as the set went on and I was looking at Chris for mercy we worked out what weights I should be using.  It felt like I was using the heaviest weight in the gym – I ranged between 2 and 8.  It was embarrassing.

And I felt it doing my plank daily challenges, which I am still keeping up with.  Sore arms when trying to plank is a challenge in itself and by Friday night the sets had increased to 90 seconds I managed it but barely.  Chris was telling me that one of the guys in the gym once held a plank for 12 minutes!  If that is not crazy enough the world record is held by a man in China who held a plank for 4 hours and 26 minutes – that’s insane.  Literally insane.

I may blog about my fitness, almost in a selfish way to make sure I keep going with it, but I don’t think I will ever get to a point where I will say hey today I think I might try and plank for several hours!  If I do someone hurl my bike at me (not my new one though she is still nice and new and pretty).

The weekend consisted of cycling.


I rode on Saturday with the queen of climbing in our club, Sophie, decked out proudly in club kit.  Had a lovely ride out to Blackmore and back though I do wonder if you have headwind going out surely it should be behind you coming back – not the case!  I have ridden with Sophie a lot and she is amazing though I should know already that we have very different ideas of what constitutes the definition of no hills (hers includes hills – always).  Wherever you go from where we live you have to go up the hills first.  There are some hills near us which are very aptly named the three hills of the apocalypse (there are actually five you can do apparently).  I hate hills and the name of these are enough to send me into a panic that I have never attempted them.  Saturday we did the first one and it was not too bad.  Almost at the top of the climb Sophie asked me if I wanted to do the next one and I must admit I was tempted though I made the mistake of asking what it was like compared to the one we had just done and Sophie, very honestly, said about ten times worse.  We turned left.

Sunday I went for a coaching session with the husband.


Monday came too quickly. Monday is weigh in day.  I am 40 pounds down and have another 30 pounds to go until I hit my aim so I know it is going to be a long hard slog and if anyone has a magic pill chuck it my way as I am dying for some cake and a big fat burger!  Surely it is not too much in the world to ask to be able to eat what I want and be slim at the same time?!

Anyway I really wanted 2 more pounds to get to 42 pounds so I can say I have lost 3 stone.  I didn’t get it – I lost half a pound so am able to change the plaque but still need that 1.5 pounds.  Then I will count down the next 28 pounds (gulp).


One last thing – I saw this on a facebook post this week – does that mean the more I eat the more fat I burn? Winning! (if only)


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