Entry 45 – Come on knees!

My knees hurt.  Last night I had spin with my usual crazy spin buddy Rich and it was a full on climbing session – heavy resistance up, hover, down, up hover, down coupled with some rather quick push up style moves although these quite pleased me as I need help with the bingo wings!  Had to pop to the mothers after and her face when she saw me was a scream – she said she had read about me saying I go bright red and look like i’ve been swimming but not actually seen it – then spent the rest of our brief chat staring at my crazy appearance – ha ha.

Crazy Rich stayed for the following spin session – the word crazy is very apt!  Two spin sessions back to back – mental.

The gym has started an express spin class which I did on Monday evening after my 5k run in the morning.  I was skeptical, I will admit, but it was good. 30 minutes, no breaks, sprints, hovering, up and down – booked straight on for next week.

Another gym session with Chris this time working out a plan for the abs (apparently I have some deep down underneath the padding).  Arms have only just recovered from the arm set so I knew this would hurt.  I should have also known it would be funny – especially when Chris got out a ball for me to sit on the edge and balance while doing crunches.  This resulted in me in a fit of giggles, completely uncoordinated and looking like I needed a carer as I nearly slipped off the thing.  We ended up just doing this on a mat.


This was followed by circuit training, which was actually really funny – my husband did it too and our friends Sophie and Hugh.  Lots of lunges and squats with weights – this is ok I mean lets face it no one ever wrote a song about a girl with a small flat ass!  There were, of course, the obligatory burpees.  I detest these – vile exercise!  A burpee is basically cardio purgatory, a particularly nasty squat/push-up/jump movement that no one is excited about and the trainers smirk about you having to do, also known as a cross fit staple and attempted homicide.

The plank training is obviously working as I must admit I wiped the floor with the husband (or rather his face wiped the floor when he weakly gave in mwahahahaha).  Though the planks are getting painful – I am up to 150 seconds for tonight – 120 seconds had me a mess not sure how 150 will go?


Must have been working hard in circuit and we all completely missed the hash tags that Chris had added to the exercise station sheets – hilarious!


This weekend I am off to Center Parcs – cannot wait!  I shall be cycling, running, swimming and having some down time as my knees are currently not loving me.  Down time will involve alcohol.  I can recharge and start again next week – doing this for me!

I put a quick post up the other day to say thank you and had some lovely messages from people – one lady said I was an inspiration.  Who knew me jiggling my fat ass and blogging about it with a bit of humour would have such a good reaction – I am chuffed!  I also know another lady who is training like crazy who is an inspiration too – it is crazy Rich’s wife Nikki.  She is training hard core for an ironman and is amazing – run, swim, bike, run, swim, bike – awesome!!  She is going to smash it I am sure!

Totally doing it for the girls!  Work hard and train hard!  Losing weight is hard, being fat is hard, pick you hard – I have!


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