Entry 46 – a weekend off – oh dear!

So I spent a long weekend at Center Parcs and well and truly fell off the fat girl fit wagon!

I did take my trainers and on two out of the four days I did complete 5k runs.  Also for anyone that has not been (and I would recommend it – fab) you are not allowed cars so it is walking and cycling everywhere and so many activities including lots of swimming although I am fairly certain I cannot count water slides as training – or can I?

I have been so good on my diet for so long and this weekend I was not.  Really was not.  Like really really was not.  I ate a burger, and nachos, and mac and cheese, and sweet potato fries, and 3 jaffa cakes, and blueberry pancakes, and a waffle, and cocktails.  Not all in one day – this was over four days.  I am not that bad – although now I have written down what I ate I am hanging my head (and also several chins) in shame.  Whoever snuck the s in fast food was a clever little b*stard.

Don’t get me wrong sometimes I get sick of eating healthy.  As I eat my rice cakes I truly satisfy my cravings……… for styrofoam.  I tend to walk past bakeries and look at all the delicious things……. I can’t eat.  Then I eat my soup or salad or something equally without sugar and happiness.

I’ve eaten healthily for so long that after one weekend off I am ready to get back on with healthy eating – craziness!  Probably helped by the fact that deep in my heart it says chocolate and wine but right now my lycra leggings say for the love of god woman eat a salad.  I feel like my muffin top now resembles a 3 tier wedding cake.

What did I expect? Fitness is like a marriage, you can’t cheat and expect it to work.

So back to it!


I got home from Center Parcs yesterday and headed out to a spin class.  Interval training spin class.  A tough class but back to it and raring to go!

And so Monday is usually weigh in day but being away this was not done and I don’t want to wait until next week so like a plaster I need to rip it off and get it done.  Got up this morning and weighed myself to see what the damage was.  I put on half a pound – never want a gain but after a weekend off I will take half a pound.

Circuit class tonight – lets do it!


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