Entry 47 – The gym is my new home and I am sick of washing clothes

It seems that I spend more time at the gym now than at home – when did that happen?  When did I become that person?!

My new fitness programme has taken over my social life – I wonder if people would judge me if I brought a bottle of wine instead of a water bottle to the gym?

This week I ran 5k Monday followed by a spin class in the evening, on Tuesday I had circuit class and my husband and I ran on the treadmill for 5k beforehand, on Wednesday I had a spin class and last night my first ever Box Circuit class. Two of the classes were with Chris.  Both classes had different vests……..just saying.

Running a 5k before a circuit class was not my brightest idea.  I have never planked so much in my life! For a lot of exercises I just can’t do I simply planked instead.  Like push ups – I just cannot do them my upper body strength is pathetic plus some exercises are just not suitable for women with big boobs – I’m not sure if my boobs or my stomach hit the ground first when doing push ups.

Although talking of boobs I know am I not alone in getting fit, working out and losing boobage.


I hate running on the treadmill that’s for sure – could not get a rhythm going at all and at one point my hoodie that was hanging on the end of the treadmill fell onto the moving bit (I have no idea what it is called – the belt thing) and I nearly went flying.  Luckily I jumped to the side, the husband caught the hoodie at the end and I jumped back on and almost fell on my face but managed to stay upright.  It is also no fun seeing the calories burnt off – I am being really careful what I eat and yet according the machine I reckon I would need to be on the treadmill for about 2 years.

Spin on Wednesday was a particular favourite when the guy next to me, who was texting, got told off for being on his phone – is it really that important? He soon put the phone away – I don’t think I would be able to text and spin even if I wanted to!

Box Circuit class was last nights class with Sophie and Hugh.  This class was a mix between boxercise and circuit class.  Sophie had a bad day at work and so being partnered with her was slightly scary.  This was us at the class:


Ok so that is not really us.  Similar though.

It was such a laugh though.  Sophie was, at one point, giving me some positive coaching and there were lots of come on Lisa, faster, faster, harder, harder.  I told her I felt like I was in some sort of bad porn movie.  She did have a response to that and told me I loved it.  So lots of straight punches, hooks, uppercuts and knees, though the knees were not so great and Sophie and I both managed to kick each other at different times.  I left last night and somehow got talked into signing up for crossfit next week (oh dear god).  It will be fun I suppose!


I know one thing for sure – I am sick of doing clothes washing.  I get through so much gym kit I am constantly putting wash loads on – I sweat like a b*tch so there is really no way around this though it does make me think nudists seem less crazy right now!

So I have eaten healthy and exercised – I better f*cking wake up skinny!  Apparently you have to eat healthy more than once to get in shape – this is cruel and unfair.

Don’t forget the clocks go forward this weekend!


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