Entry 48 – A wet weekend, jelly arms and weigh in day

So the clocks went forward at the weekend for Spring and we welcomed that with some typical miserable English weather – bleurgh!  So much for getting out on my bike.  So spent some more time in the gym.  Just for a change.  Working off my lumps.  Treadmill warm up, then my plan for arms and abs, finished with a treadmill cool down.  Arms are jelly again now.

The husband came and ran on the treadmill and even managed to stop to give me a quick kiss – ahhh. Managed to catch a pic mid running – blurry but still funny.


I am still doing my plank challenge and the timing is up to 3 minutes – who thinks these timings up?  Crazy fit people that’s who!  3 minutes is an eternity whilst planking!  Next month I will do the same but the squat challenge.  Bring it on.  Lots of squats!  Gonna squat til I’m a big booty hoe.


I have been slightly concerned with my food.  The reason for this is that although I am being good and sticking to it I am at the gym more and more and so I get back late and tend to eat something quick – I’ve eaten so many eggs I think I may start sprouting feathers!  Eating so late made me feel bloated all week.  I think if I curled up in a ball someone could have rolled me down my office (that was how I was feeling anyway).  Dieting and exercising really requires a positive mind set.  I am not sure I was there last week?


When you are not feeling a diet or exercise they both seem like dirty words and make me want to wash my mouth out…….with chocolate.

I need to think of some more things to eat that are quick and healthy to work around my classes.  Who said dieting is easy?  I mean dieting is easy, it’s like riding a bike. And the bikes on fire. And the grounds on fire.  And everything’s on fire because you’re in hell.

And so once again weigh in day came and went and I stayed the same – not going to lie I am disappointed – just want two more for that three stone mark!  Next week – it will be next week.

I was getting a tad disheartened with the slow weight loss as I am really working for that stupid half a pound or one pound a week though I do know that slowly is more healthy – I am just an impatient cow.  So I had a look at an old photo from the start of all of this and a recent one and I can see the difference:


And so this week I am feeling good and start this morning with a run and have a nice long weekend off work so weather please be nice as I fully intend to ride my bike, a lot. And of course I have cross fit on Thursday that is already putting the fear of god into me but I will update you on that after I have done it and in the meantime will just suck it up so that one day I won’t have to suck it in!

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