Entry 50 – Cross fit, cycling and weigh in day

Last week I got talked into going to my first ever Cross Fit class.  I was scared to say the least as I had heard about this evil class called Cross Fit and quite frankly would have preferred to be in the safety of my own home crossing my fingers and hoping my fat ass will magically just fit into my new slim jeans.  But instead I booked on.  It was described as being so much fun.


What can I say about Cross Fit.  I was amused and curious when my friend Sophie described one of the stations as being similar to dog agility – little hurdles to jump over with your feet together.  Sounds pretty easy?  Its tough.  I would prefer to watch dogs doing this that having to do it myself.  I thought if anyone was going to catch their feet and fall face first into the next hurdle and possible dislodge a few teeth it would be me for sure and so I adopted this odd jump where my feet moved out to the side.  It looked very girly.  And stupid.  And very not Cross Fit (the other people were super fit machines and nothing on them wobbled)!

You paired up and every station had two exercises so one person did one whilst the other did the other then swap, no resting, then move on and repeat the circuit again.  And then again.  And then because there was 10 minutes left do it all over again but for less time.  For fun they say.

The stations included push ups and farmers lifts, frog jumps and squat clean and jerks (they are jerks), burpees and pushing this huge so so so so so huge black evil heavy thing (I think it was the base to a punch bag but I am not sure so will just just call it the huge black evil heavy thing), flipping over a big punching bag then running to the other end and flipping it over and repeating and repeating and repeating and repeating and also the dog agility jump things, clean and jerk and star jumps, and finally squats with a slam ball that you get to slam into the floor and then squats with a slam ball that you throw up on the wall.

It was hard and basically I paid someone to beat me up.  I earned that workout.


Though I will admit slamming stuff around in the name of exercising was fun.

Sunday I cycled 40 miles.  With my lovely husband and lovely friend Minnie.  I managed to get a few QOM in the process so was pretty happy with that! Off out cycling again now with my husband for some more miles.


And so Easter was at the weekend – every person a diet’s worst nightmare.  Chocolate everywhere!  I can see it and I can smell it and I can almost taste it.  And I want to.  So badly!  But I shall remember instead that you are what you eat……….and then see if I can go and eat a skinny person!!!

To weigh in – did I get that final 2 pounds I have been waiting for to say I have lost 3 stone?  Did I? Did the pain of Cross Fit push my into that weight loss number? No!  I lost 1.5 pounds – 0.5 pound off!!!!!! ARGH!!!!

Never mind that just means next week I have 0.5 pound to get to my 3 stone mark and I will – this girl can!


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