Entry 51 – Couples circuit anyone?

A lot of people say that training with your partner is a bad idea.  I would disagree (most of the time).


At the weekend I cycled both days with the husband and although he screams at me to go faster and keep going it is all in the name of motivation (that is what I tell myself instead of pushing him off his bike – oh no were you still clipped into the pedals? oopsie).

On Tuesday we then did circuit together with another couple of our friends Sophie and Hugh.  It does result in a lot of laughing but exercise being made enjoyable can only be a good thing right?  Sophie and I partnered up and Brett and Hugh partnered up.  Clearly the girls have the brains as we suggested to start on the ab exercises as we then finish with an ab set but oh no the boys knew best and so we ended on abs that were then followed by what you ask?  Oh yes more abs! Stupid boys!

There was a mixture of jumping, prancing, gyrating and some very odd faces being made!


This was not made better by the fact that my squat jumps ended with me clapping.  Sophie was perfectly right in saying that Brett and I should have our very own ‘special’ class.


There was a new exercise move though – this odd plank with each leg, one at a time, being raised, which Hugh aptly named the pissing dog.

Last night was spin class.  Like the complete saddo I am I always get there 15 minutes early as I have a specific bike and position in the class that I like.  It is my bike. MINE. And I like the view as it is over the pool and i find I stare at the water at certain sprint parts in the hope that I could jump off the bike and into the water!


It was a funny class last night – the three chatty girls were there with their full face of make up and perfect hair and they leave with a lack of sweat (unlike me).  They stare at me quite a bit.  The sweaty beast on the other side of the room.  Last night I did not get their attention though that went, instead, to the man at the back of the room who proceeded to complete the class with a mixture of what can only be described as sex noises.  It was…….interesting.

Tonight is a 5k run and tomorrow I have booked a cheeky day off work and will be going out on my bike.  The weather is supposed to be nice and I have no plans other than to cycle.

Then rest and Sunday is the Brighton marathon, which I will be at!!!……………for the 10k run part ha ha ha ha!!  I can imagine some people reading this thinking oh my god she’s doing a marathon?  ARE YOU CRAZY?!?!?


Do you know how far that is?  Do you not recall the redness of my face and the huge sweaty mess I am after a 10k?  Of course I am not doing the actual marathon!  Though I do know a guy from our cycle club who is an immense runner and he is doing it.  I have been following his training on Strava and it’s incredible!  He did recently suffer an injury but will still be there running and we will cheer him on at the end in what I am sure will be an incredible time – go Steve Cornew!!! Run like the wind!

Today’s weight loss tip is to use superglue as lip gloss – sorted!

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