Entry 53 – Pity party, congrats to my flashing husband and chocolate balls!

So I have been feeling pretty sorry for myself for not getting my sub hour 10k at the weekend and I have managed to annoy myself with it and so the pity train has just derailed at the corner of suck it up and move on and crashed into get a real problem corner before coming to a stop at get the hell over it.

It’s not about perfect, it’s about effort and when making an effort transformation happens and that’s what I am trying to do so I’m putting on my big girl panties and dealing with it.

Monday I continued as usual with my 5k run and express spin and it was another couples class with me and my husband and Sophie and Hugh.  It was quite funny as my husband wore his running shorts.  They are short.  And so with every pedal of the wheels they rode up.  And up.  He had to apologise to the ladies on the opposite side of the room for possibly flashing them, though thankfully they laughed!  Put the mouse back in the house dear!  It has resulted in him having a blister in a very very delicate area (ball bag).

Tuesday was circuit class and because of the nice weather we had the class outside, which was lovely! I cycled there and managed to start my cycle home only to find I had a puncture – brilliant!  Only I could cycle less than 1 mile to the gym and manage to get a puncture.  Husband to the rescue!


Was a good evening still as Sophie bought some home made treats with her for me – they are from the Davina quit sugar book and Davina says she uses them when going on a cycle ride.  They were very yummy though Sophie felt too sickly for a bike ride and I must agree though easy to munch through which is naughty as they are about 200 kcals per ball! Eeek!


I came home to my monthly Birchbox delivery.  For anyone who doesn’t know Birchbox is a box of goodies that are sent out once a month – its like christmas once a month when a little box arrives full of goodies.  This months includes Energise Me supplements; its like they know the journey I am on!


Measuring progress?  Everyone feels differently on this subject though I do feel the need to weigh myself as it is what I am used to even if I do question why weigh yourself when you could set yourself on fire then roll in broken glass and probably feel exactly the same way?  BMI is going down very slowly but going down nonetheless – not my favourite method of measuring progress and according to the BMI chart I am……..too short!  I have measured myself and have a 2.5 inch loss over my bust, waist and hips from 26 February so it’s all good!

Another weight loss problem – need to buy new clothes but too broke from buying healthy food all the time!

Carrying on with my squat challenge and my knees are feeling it – I was told by someone that squats are bad for your knees (I refrained from telling them their face is bad for their sex life).  On to a spin session tonight and looking forward to a weekend of cycling starting with a nice trip out with him indoors who is now a fully qualified level 2 cycle coach – well done lover I am super proud of you!

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