Entry 55 – This sweaty bitch spins spins spins….all the way onto Instagram!

I am not good in the heat.  Seriously fall to pieces as I found at the Brighton 10k so on Monday morning when I went for my usual park loop 5k run with my furry running partner I struggled.  I would rather run in the rain than the heat that’s for sure.  I melted – one big fat sweaty hot mess.  However, I managed to get a 5k pb and no idea where I managed to get that from or if I will ever be able to do it again but for now I shall take it!


So Tuesdays is usually circuit training but our favourite gym trainer is no longer taking it and instead doing spin which means I swapped to that class and have ended up doing 3 days of spin classes.  In walked Chris to take the class (in his standard vest and headband) and saw me, Brett, Sophie and Hugh all in a line on one side of the class and it was quite funny as he said he felt some pressure now we were all there (staring at him I might add – as I’ve said before we do like to wind him up).  The husband thought he would take it one step further and move his spin bike so he was facing Chris – we all found this hilarious, as did Chris, though the rest of the class clearly thought we were all rather strange (we are).


The spin class is above the swimming pool, the windows do not open, the air con is non existent and so I am one of those crazy ladies that gets there early to a) warm up my legs on the bike for 10 minutes but also to secure my place in the room positioned nicely by one of the fans.  It is necessary.  We were keeping a constant eye on Chris and his imaginary increases of resistance on his bike (we are sat far too close to see there is no movement of that knob – the resistance knob I of course mean).  Cue much giggling and heckling of the instructor – standard.  Anyway as much as we like to wind Chris up we all agreed it was the best spin class – there you go Chris a compliment from us all.  Next week, however, I am tempted to buy him a new headband, large frilly bow and everything! He will love it I am sure!


On Tuesday after spin the husband had the idea to run after spin on the treadmill.  Is he insane? However 3k done and it flushed my legs right out so I did the same last night also.  Last night was slightly different though as the guy next to me was really going for it and the noises oh my god I thought perhaps he might fly off the end and need to be put in the recovery position.

Tonight is boot camp class with Minnie – first boot camp class at the gym so keen to see what Chris will bring!

I’ve had a delivery of a treat I bought myself this week by shall save that for another entry….watch this space!

I am also now on Instagram so if you want to follow on there look for me fatgirlfit2015


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