Entry 56 – Bootcamp, a wet weekend and death by boobs

I had my first class of bootcamp last week and was not sure what to expect at all.  Let me warn you it has nothing to do with shoe shopping!  I turned up expecting a class that was a mixture of circuit training and cross fit and ended up in a room with no equipment and a confused look on my face.  It was run by my two favourite instructors, Chris and Emma – although a class that has two instructors got me a little worried!

I had taken my friend Minnie with me and so we began.  There was running, squats, squat jumps, squat thrusts, jacks, planks, elbows up and downs and of course the dreaded burpees!  Sophie and Hugh were there and they know how much I hate a burpee and so had warned Minnie that I was not allowed to plank instead!  So I did them.  Begrudgingly!


After that there was lots of boxing and sparring and then some fun stuff.  In your pairs you had to be in a plank position head to head and tap each others shoulders, laying on the floor and holding ankles whilst you lift your legs and your partner pushes them back down and our favourite was legs intertwined as you did a sit up and high five.  Min and I nailed this!  Forget the high five we were full on pat-a-caking like pros! There are of course probably names for all of these moves but I have no idea what they are – I am not a fitness instructor I am just the sweaty girl who rocks up and tries it out!

Of course an added bonus to this class was he who makes the sex noises and in true fashion he continued to do so.  Such a lovely guy but those noises – amazing!

I will admit come Friday after lots of spin sessions, running, boot camp and of course still continuing with my squat challenge I was pleased for my rest day!


Having a shiny new carbon bike baby I am not keen to take it out in the rain in case I have a mishap so instead I got on the turbo.


I do not like the turbo.  However, I have a new one called the Wahoo Kickr, which they say is the closest thing to a real bike without being on the actual road.  It can measure your power as you go and set the resistance and loads more fancy stuff I won’t pretend I understand, and so as the poor London Marathoners were queueing or running in the rain I was sitting on my turbo watching it on the TV.  I averaged 173 watt power average and I don’t really know if that is good or not but he indoors seemed to think it was ok and who am I to argue?


I am one of those people who cannot watch the London Marathon without crying my eyes out – it makes me so emotional.  Will I ever put in for a marathon?  Hell no! Are you on drugs?  Have you heard me moan about a 10k?  I did manage to see Julie Creffield from The Fat Girl’s Guide to Running on the tv giving a brief interview before she started her marathon run – that lady is amazing!  Love her!

I had the pleasure of being able to go out at the weekend and buy some new clothes in a size 14 (which I realise for most people is still a large size but is massive progress for me) – such an amazing feeling not to be tied down to tent like clothing that could normally home a small family or those with stretchy waistbands but instead being able to buy actual fitted and tailored clothing from normal shops.

I have also seen a few people that I’ve not seen for a while that read my blog but hadn’t seen me and had such lovely compliments about how well I am doing and asking me what the secret is.  I wish there was a secret easy answer as I would have totally gone for the easy option, being a lazy cow, but after years of dieting I can tell you there is none.  Instead I can tell you that you don’t need diet/magic pills, slimming drinks/special shakes, secret diet or weight loss gadgets – all you need are running shoes, a sports bra and determination.  Get off your ass and go for a run.  Get on a bike.  Book a gym class.  There is no diet that will do what eating healthy does – skip the diet and just eat healthy.  If you want it, work for it.  It’s that simple.

Monday morning started with an early family gym session – me the husband and the child – at 6am! Straight on the treadmill for a 5k run before I head back there tonight for a spin session.  One thing I hate about the gym is running on the treadmill.  I am always certain I am going to fly off the end of it smashing my face and taking out a rowing machine and a few gym goers at the same time.  It is really nice of the them to line the walls with mirrors – really really nice of them so as my whole fat ass is running on the treadmill I can see a) my increasingly red and sweaty face b) how stupid I look when running and c) that it is a massive boob fest! seriously boobs everywhere, they have a direction all of their own, up and down, left and right, sometimes what seems to be a figure of eight.  Today I shall be looking online to get a new sports bra before I injure myself and anyone else on this exercise journey.  Can you imagine the headline?  Girl on fitness mission kills fellow runner with her awol tits?!  Oh the shame!

And so we are on to weigh in day and this week the result is……that I stayed the same (and I am saying this through gritted teeth).

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