Entry 57 – Oh the shame!

So my main fear when on the bike is two things that I will get hit by a car or that I will fall off.  When I first got my cleats (aka clippy shoes) I had so many people tell me that everyone falls off at some point and it will happen and not to worry about it.  I didn’t want it to happen and as a result I am very over cautious when nearing a junction, lights, crossing – anything where I have to pause or stop.

I went for a ride with my spin buddy Rich and we got to the town centre where we live with queues of traffic, a full bus in the bus stop and people generally walking up and down the high street, what do I do?  That is right I come off my bike!  I was filtering down the side of the queue of traffic and my wheel got caught between a kerb and bit of the road, the bike stopped but I was still pedalling and just flew.  Oh the shame!  No video camera on my bike otherwise I would load the video for your amusement.  I remember realising I had no control of the bike and being clipped in that I was flying through the air and there was nothing I can do and I let out the most ridiculous oooooooooooooooh like out of the Carry On films where he says ooooh matron but more high pitched and more theatrical and more pantomime.

Poor Rich doubled back and saw immediately the part of the road that had caused me to end up face down on the concrete.  After checking I was ok he seemed slightly worried my husband would kill him.

It was strange as my first question to Rich was to ask if my bike was ok!  Not to check myself to see if I had a bone sticking out of anywhere or was slowly bleeding to death (ok I am making this crash sound a lot worse than it was but its my first fall from the bike so let me just roll with this for a while) but to ask if my new bike was ok.  She was.  So ego bruised we clipped back in and on our way we went.

As if falling off the bike was not bad enough I then found that I was being taken up Warley Hill.  I have avoided Warley Hill since I started cycling as it seemed an impossible feat and there is also no path so if I cannot do it and have to stop I have to do so in the middle of the road and stop all traffic.  I have mentioned before the hills of the apocalypse and Warley is number 2.  So off we went and first hit Shepherds Hill, then Warley Hill and I knew the direction we were going we were heading for number 3 which is Bird Lane.  If only I realised there were two more and we were heading straight for them – Rich you swine! Soon we were climbing Wigley Bush Lane and finally Lincolns Lane.

I made them!  All of them! And I didn’t get off or have to stop! I do realise that people do these hills on a regular occurrence but bear with me here this is a big achievement for me – hills are my nemesis.

When I loaded my ride to Strava I only bloody got the QOM for the 5 hills! Gobsmacked is not the word!  Thanks Mr Warnes!

And I have a trophy in the form of a huge lump on my left thigh where I landed from my fall – I have extra padding so was cushioned.  I am also walking like I have sh*t myself – onwards and upwards eh!?

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