Entry 62 – Running, being trapped in Hackney and weigh in day

What a lovely sunny long weekend!  I had another Friday off!  I could get used to this I’m telling you – not working Fridays is the way forward!

After my bike ride Friday we woke to a windy Saturday.  My plan was to go on my first solo bike ride but cycling in the wind can be so disheartening so running it was.  I’d been at the gym so much lately the poor dog used to get excited when the gym gear went on as she knew it was run time and now she doesn’t even look up!  Saturday she did!  Off I set with my husband and we picked up Sophie on route.  I am not sure who was more excited about the run – April dog for running with us or Sophie for running with April!  Sophie hates running and says she is slow and no good.  Sophie lies.  Sophie was back and forward with the dog as I was panting (like a dog).  This was my first run since I had my off on the bike – the swelling on my leg has gone down but there is still a rather nasty bruise on my thigh.  When I say nasty bruise I don’t mean a 50p size mark I mean most of my thigh and being on this fitness journey you know I am not little so I am basically saying it is big!  It was just under two weeks since I had run and I could feel it – two weeks off running means you cannot easily pick up where you stopped especially if like me running is not your strength.

A lovely friend of mine, Anna, recently had a baby and is getting back into running and unlike me she loves it.  She is doing couch to 5k to get back into it and is doing amazing but had a blip and so I saw a post from her on Saturday on a facebook running page and decided I would go out with her so off I set for my second run of the day.  Unlike me Anna smiles the whole way!  She ran the furthest she has run so far and did amazing and I was grateful as it meant that I had covered just under 14k in one day – not quite as much as another amazing friend, Nikki, who absolutely smashed a 20 mile run – she’s on fire!!


On Sunday him indoors had the Hackney half marathon and I decided rather than wait around for a couple of hours I would take my road bike, see him off and then head to the velodrome for an hour so I was back in time to cheer him on at the finish.  We arrived at Hackney marshes and this event is huge!  It was like a festival going on in the park – the atmosphere was amazing!  He was running as was another lovely friend, Roberta and super speedy Steve from our cycle club.  I saw all 3 set off and bumped into Julie from Fat Girls Guide to Running so such a bonus I love her!  30 minutes from the start and people were still setting off, I couldn’t leave the park as the roads were closed for the run and I was desperate for the loo.  One problem – I had my road bike with me, was on my own and had no lock – eeeerrrrrrrrmmmmm?????  Then I spotted the disabled loo and like a complete weirdo (I could feel people looking at me and thinking what the hell is she doing?) I squeezed myself and my bike in the disabled portaloo.  Not my finest moment or claim to fame but I didn’t want to go out side and find myself minus a bike.  I came out to a queue and must have looked like I was coming out of a tardis or Mary Poppins bag first me, then my bag and then a road bike!


Second attempt to get out of the park and no luck again as the children were now running a mile and you had to wait for them to go and return and by the time this was all done it was gone 10am and the first runner was coming in so I ended up dressed head to toe in cycle gear sitting with my bike in the park – it was sunny so I can’t complain but being trapped in the park was not entirely what I had in mind.

Steve, then Roberta and Brett all finished and all did amazing – him indoors got pbs for everything 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k and half marathon – amazing (proud wife here)!


We hung around in the park for a little bit and then headed home where we had our lovely friends Minnie and Tim for dinner.  They had completed a cycle event in the morning and absolutely smashed a 73 mile bike ride!!  First event with a new company called icycle and they were so impressed and raving about the event company – one for a future event for sure!  And so we all absolutely stuffed our faces with a fat roast dinner and homemade hot chocolate fudge cake and ice cream – you have to have a cheat meal every now and then!  So I was pleasantly surprised this morning to weigh myself and found I have lost another 2 pounds!  Total of 47 pounds lost now – YES!!  Now to run!


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