Entry 66 – Why? Just why?

I get that I am just someone who unfortunately goes bright red and sweaty within the first few minutes of exercising and then stays like that throughout my workout.  I know I look like a sweaty tomato. I’m fine with it.  At least when I leave the gym it is clear I have worked hard.  My question is why some girls still go to the gym with perfectly done hair and a full face of make up?  You know who I am referring to – the ones who leave the gym looking exactly as they did when they walked in.  Come on girls you’ve seen on the This Girl Can adverts – sweat like a pig but feel like a fox!

I see these girls and think oh yes perfect make up, hair and outfit…sure….you’re here to work out!


Truth is that if you still look cute at the end of your workout chances are you didn’t train hard enough!  The harder I try the worse I look.  I have come to dread that email you get a couple of days after an event to inform you that the official photos are ready to be viewed and purchased.  I never purchase them.  I click through.  I cringe.  I groan and moan that I look so vile.  If it is running I look like I am about to keel over and if it is on the bicycle it reminds me that lycra is not my friend.  This was made for me:


oh and I do, I really do!

How do people even keep their perfect make up in place?  I made the mistake of going to the gym  Monday evening for spin class and had mascara on from Sunday evening (I know thats gross sorry but I am not really a make up girl and just forgot to take it off) and after the class decided I would go for a 1km swim.  When I got out I was washing my hair and this young girl just kept staring at me like I had two heads, I thought she was quite rude.  Nope she was completely justified……once I was washed, dried, talcum powdered to within an inch of breathing (I do love some talcum powder and at the gym I can go crazy with it as I don’t have to clear it up ha ha) and dressed I popped to the loo to see that I looked like a panda.  I had forgot about the mascara and it had smeared all over my face – good look Lisa!

My second gym fail last night was turning up to another spin class minus my hand towel.  As I said before – sweaty b*tch – no towel, rookie mistake.  Luckily for me the amazing Emma was the instructor and got me a new towel which was good otherwise I would have been spinning in a puddle of my own sweat.  Could you imagine how I would look with make up on?  Like a melting drag queen!  I took a pic before I went in as below:


And look at the redness post spin class.


Ain’t nobody got time for make up!  It was from spin though the following could still apply:


Though I am not sure it shows any form of badassery rather than scare small children!

2 thoughts on “Entry 66 – Why? Just why?

  1. Love this. Exactly what I’m trying to promote. If you haven’t already, check out the this girl can campaign, who cares what people think, do something because you enjoy it, and get sweaty doing it!!

    And I’m expecting some #sweatyselfie tags on your insta page now 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love that campaign and I’m one of their official partners too! I’ve posted a couple you just can’t see the sweat past the extreme redness on the face will make sure I remember the hashtag! 😋


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