Entry 69 – Sometimes it doesn’t go to plan!

So you remember in one of my early posts I spoke about him (the husband) and how he got into the running/swimming/cycling following a rather nasty infection in his leg?  Well that was back in 2011 and since then nothing.  Until Friday evening that is.

I was off last week and made the most of it on my bike and when he returned on Friday evening said his foot was swollen and we ended up in hospital – he got admitted and has been there ever since.  Needless to say I did not do my 10k Race for Life though the lovely Emma, Anna, Kelly and Becky did and all did amazing so well done ladies!  It also meant that he missed his event on Sunday – the ITU Vitality London triathlon.  I am not sure what he was most unhappy about to be honest, being in hospital or missing the tri event.  He had trained so hard for this but there will be other events and I am sure he will do great.  Huge well done to the lovely Nikki who smashed it and all the others that took part in that event.

It is strange how I got home last night and to take my mind off things I thought right go and run.  I felt exhausted but had not done anything since Thursday and felt like I needed to just get out so off I set with my furry running partner and we ran and I felt so much better for it.  Even if my garmin died 1 mile in – anyone who has had this happen will know the pain!

I got up this morning and did the same.


I have lost another half a pound this week so slowly getting to that 50lb loss – it will be mine!


Sorry to keep this short and sweet but my day shift as Florence Nightingale is due again so I must get back to playing nurse – speedy recovery to my husband! xx

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