Entry 70 – Still soldiering on

So having my husband in hospital for a week you would think would hinder my fitness attempts…..but it didn’t.  I ended up running most mornings pretty early – killing two birds with one stone so I got my run in and the dog got out too.


I could also make the late spin class in the evening and even managed a cycle out and cross fit.

Early morning workouts were my preference actually, before it got too warm (won’t complain about the nice weather) and also before my brain figured out what I was doing.

Wednesday was National Running Day – fair enough I ran before 7am but I saw no one in the park – just me then?

I usually complain about running – it is not my favourite and I struggle with it but after a week of him being in hospital with no answers running didn’t fix the problem but it put me in a better mood for when I had to get back to reality and running when angry actually gave me a better pace than I usually have to!

Still, fitting in work, hospital visits and exercise takes its toll and I am knackered so that is why there have been no further blog posts since Monday!

Anyway he is now home and first thing he wants to do again? Train! So as I continue on he will be training to build up the muscle in his leg where the infection was so any tips on rehabilitation training are greatly welcome!

Anyway I am heading out for a social cycle ride with the lovely Yellow Jersey Cycles in Billericay and it will be accompanied by Dan Patten of team Wiggo!!

And its my birthday today too so Happy Birthday to me!

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