Entry 74 – A post from sunny Spain

Not to make you all jealous but i write this sitting outside a lovely villa in Sunny Spain.

I didn’t want to undo my hard work so far and so in my suitcase came my running gear and this morning off we set, hubby and I, for a run around the golf complex.


The before picture is always so much nicer but not running on my own was better as I huff and puff through running and some of the locals may have reported me as the crazy lady running around the complex – quick help there’s a nutter on the loose!  This way they probably just thought I was off out with my carer!

I wont lie I am not the best in the sun and don’t hide the fact I am not a fan of running so running in the sun is not a match made in heaven for me.  Yesterday we ventured out fairly early and I must admit I did have this silly idea that one side of the street would be in shade and that would be where I would run.  Silly girl!

The hubby can run at a much quicker pace than I can but slowed to run with me – this is his first run since coming out of hospital with his bad leg and so running at a slightly slower pace was probably the best thing for him.  I on the other hand ran and in my head was thinking this must be what it feels like when you are in a desert and cannot find water – just leave me on the side to wither and perish.

We ran 3.5 miles in total and towards the end I was so hot, as we came towards the main entrance by the hotel there is a grass roundabout and there were sprinklers on and my husband clearly knows me so well as I was looking at it thinking yes I am running through that and he just looked and said go on then so I did, I ran through the water sprinklers – it was much needed!  Cue sweaty selfie!


The one good thing about running to and from a villa with a private pool means you have such a nice cool down to look forward to.  The  hubby stripped butt naked and jumped straight in the pool whereas I just sat in it fully clothed (we are away with friends and nobody needs to see the sight of me in my birthday suit – we had not yet had breakfast!), and so for the purpose of the blog I thought I would share a pic of me in the pool rather than the naked one of him though he’s not shy so never say never.


The other good thing about being away in the sun is not being tempted by naughty foods as it is simply too hot and so healthy lighter options are preferred (of course these are accompanied by some alcoholic beverage and so that undoes the healthy eating part but when on holiday and all that).


Anyway enough of this blogging malarky I have some fun in the sun to be getting on with!  Though I will be sunbathing in a swimsuit and no bikini for me – I am only part way through my fitness and weight loss journey and so some way to go yet.  This would be the general feeling if I wore a bikini (I am the pig).


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