Entry 75 – Back from sunny Spain :-(

So I’ve had a lovely 10 days away in Spain with friends and family and came back to England yesterday…….and rain?!  I was told there was lovely weather so was a tad bit surprised that it felt cold and was raining slightly, though I am told the sun will get hotter and hotter this week so would like to say we bought it back with us and you are welcome.

The whole point of this blog is to document my ramblings on my fitness and weight loss journey and hopefully give you a laugh in the process.  Never did I think I would be the sort of person who would take exercise gear with me on a summer holiday and actually use it and yet that is what I did!  And on a shopping trip out in Spain I purchased running tops – SADDO!

Opening my case every evening before we went out was a treat as I had to purchase new holiday clothes as my clothes from last year were all way too big (I have a massive cheesy grin as I type this) and so every night was like dress up in new clothes and it felt good.  I still have a way to go but I was feeling good I cannot lie!  One dress I have had for two years and couldn’t fit into it but can now and in fact it was a tad bit big!


I wrote a post last week post my first run in Spain.  It was hot. I was sweaty. Having a pool to jump in after was quite simply amazing though – coming back after a run to a shower in Essex is quite frankly not going to cut the mustard now!

So out of the 10 mornings (1 was the day of our arrival and 1 was the day of our departure) I completed 6 runs!  Don’t get me wrong they were no marathons but totalled 17.2 miles (or 27.68 km) so all approximately 3.5 miles (5.6km) each.  I am happy with that given that a) I was on holiday b) I had to get up at 6.30am on said holiday in order to get a teeny weeny bit of shade in places on the runs and c) I don’t much like running.

The runs were not without incident either.  On one of the runs I also had to stop to assist an injured bird, which basically meant after I tried to pick it up out of the road and it flapped about so much and I made some stupid squeaky noises and equally silly faces I gently nudged it out of the road with my foot then carried on my merry (aka grumpy and sweaty) way.  On another I decided it was early and therefore no one else was stupid enough to be up but me and so I could get away with running on one of the golf cart paths through the golf course and got caught and told off (at least I am pretty sure I was being told off though not entirely sure as it was in Spanish) so I just apologised a lot and turned around back on the roads and paths.  On the last run I knew before I left our villa it would not be good, I was too tired, went slightly later than usual so was too hot, decided to go a different way on my own and got lost several times and ended up going round in circles and up and down roads – I also needed the loo pretty much the whole way round but figured I could not get away with a Paula Radcliffe moment so had to grin and bear it – even a bad run is better than no run they say.


I tried to eat as healthy as possible whilst on holiday as I wanted to try and do some damage control and not come home and undo a lot of hard work so made sure I opted for some salads and had my fruit and lots of water.  I also drank my body weight in gin and tonic but we won’t talk about that – cut me some slack it was a holiday!

With the day after my return from holiday being weigh in day I am not going to lie runs and salads aside I was nervous about getting on the scales this morning.  Drum roll please………….and the results are in………….I put on 2lbs (humph) but managed to drop 2% body fat so i suppose every cloud and all that.


Started this morning with another early run to kick start my week.  Went through the park on my normal route but in reverse (I didn’t run backwards obviously just did the loop the other way round – thought I should make that clear).  There was a lady with a young boy who threw his ball at me (bless him – or something like that) and then their puppy started chasing around my feet – was very cute but I did nearly fall over it.  Might change my route up and pick one where I don’t have to cross any roads as I found this morning when I had to stop running to wait for traffic so I could cross twice – would be nice to just have a loop with no stops like I did in Spain.

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