Entry 78 – I am cream crackered! But it was worth it!

I neglected the blog last week with only one post.  I’ve had a busy week and completely missed my rest day!  I am tired.


I started on Monday with a very early morning 5k run followed by a 30 mile bike ride on Tuesday evening with my lovely friend Helen and we got lost and did more hills than I wanted (I hate hills) – I took Helen to Old Church B*tch Hill and when we got to the top she turned to check I was ok – I was and got up it though when I say in these blogs I sound like I am giving birth she got to witness that first hand, lucky girl!  Tuesday and Wednesday I went back to my spin classes with the lovely Chris (if I don’t count his dodgy vests) and Emma and was good to be back!  Thursday I ran 5k with my lovely friend Anna and then carried on for some more to take it to 10k.  And then on to Friday!  Fun Friday!

On Friday I went with my sister back to her fancy pants gym and we once again did the crazy Zuu class followed by killer kettle bell class followed by swimming.  I actually knew the instructor as he used to work at my gym and I made a plea for no leg work as I was doing a big bike ride the following day and he promptly replied ‘not my problem’ then killed my legs!  This was pretty much how I felt afterwards.


It was all good though because afterwards we went to Jump Giants! I keep raving on about this place but seriously it was so much fun.  My sister and I picked up my niece from preschool and so we didn’t look like a couple of oddballs took her and headed there to bounce.  To be fair I would go again minus child as it is so good.  It is basically an indoor warehouse that has been gutted and redesigned with trampolines everywhere.  There was an area for under 10s, a huge huge huge trampoline area with loads of different sized trampolines, a foam pit, basketball, dodgeball – it was awesome!  My only advice would be to wear appropriate clothing as my vest was slightly too big and there was some boob flashing going on, which led to some rather pathetic flips into the foam pit holding my chest and hoping for the best.  I need to go again.  And again.  And again.  And again.


Saturday I went on my planned bike ride with the lovely Sophie and Steve and with some technical malfunction we did not get to where we wanted as the route would not load on our Garmins but still went for a ride and headed out to Hanningfield reservoir and had a lovely albeit eventful ride.  We managed to pick up another member of Romford CC, Rob, on route and he joined us.  Heading out to Hanningfield I felt great, good ride, good pace, got there and had a cuppa.  Surrounding the front door to the cafe was about a dozen geese which was quite funny – new type of bouncer? Once we left I think I left my legs at the cafe.  When I got home I realised I hadn’t eaten anything on this ride – no fuelling – rookie mistake – stupid Lisa!  We also had a near miss with a car that pulled out on us (not quite sure how anyone can miss us in our luminous yellow and pink club kit but anyway) nearly took out Sophie and Rob and then once they had gone past carried on and nearly took me and Steve out.  I ended up in a bush and Steve ended up coming off going into this guys car.  To be fair the guy was shaken and so apologetic.  Steve was very kind about it telling the guy he should be more careful.  My inner fish wife came out and I shouted and swore a lot.

Sunday I did a Race for Life with my lovely friend Anna.  A sea of women all in pink – my kind of place!  Would love to see Race for Life be on paths though as the uneven ground across fields is always slightly dodgy, unless you are used to trail running, as I spend most of it looking at the ground to make sure I am not ending up in a hole.  Still all for a good cause and Anna and I had a good time along the course.


So I have not had a rest day in 10 days.  I can feel it in my knees as well.  They ache. I think they hate me a little bit.  I woke this morning to rain, lots of rain.  Today will be a rest day and I will enjoy it.  No run pre work and no spin class tonight.  Rest.  Its part of the program.

I did lose another 1lb though so my total is now 51lbs (and continuing) so pleased I can change my plaque again to the highest number it has been so far (insert big smiley face)!


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