Entry 84 – Feeling bleugh but had a lovely weekend

Some years ago I found out I have a slight wheat and dairy intolerance.  I’m not allergic and don’t suffer with any major side effects I just feel very uncomfortable when I eat too much of either.  This week I have not fallen off the diet, however, I have had more bread than I usually would and I can feel it!  I don’t usually have any carbs with my lunch or dinner but I’ve not been organised this week and so its led to buying lunch quickly and ending up with a sandwich or bread of some sort and I feel like this:


Though I haven’t eaten everything it is just how the carbs have made me feel and it’s hard to feel optimistic when your fat pants feel tight!  This week I will definitely be more organised!

On Saturday I met a lovely lady who reads my blog.  Her name is Claire.  Claire has volunteered at Park Run but not actually run it yet.  She is on a journey, like myself, and is getting married next year.  I know how hard it is to start and get out and keep at it and I’ve been so lucky to have so many lovely friends who have helped me along the way especially with the running and cycling.  So I offered to run with her and on Saturday we met for the first time at a local park to us to do this.  I do love a photo and so poor Claire had her pre sweaty pic:

IMG_0930I had done the Park Run in Harrow Lodge park near me and I wasn’t as keen as the majority of the course is across the grass and I much prefer a pathway!  This one was at Raphaels park near me and all on paths and much nicer – would recommend and be going back myself!

The volunteers there were amazing and so encouraging the whole way round.  It is two big laps of the park and one smaller lap, which comes to 5k (actually just under according to my Garmin).  We set off and I said to Claire we would go at her pace so to tell me if I am going too fast or slow.  Claire thought she would walk most of it but she did amazing!  She only walked twice and completed couch to 5k last year in 52 minutes so was hoping to beat that time in her first run and she finished in just over 47 minutes so smashed the time she wanted!!  She was still smiling at the end!


I’m so happy for her and it was a pleasure to run with her.  I had joked I would run like Phoebe from Friends if it made her feel more at ease but she was so amazing I didn’t have to – shame as I was quite looking forward to that!

My friend Minnie also did the run and smashed it as I knew she would as she is bloody awesome!

Following the run I headed home and did a quick transition into my cycle gear as I was meeting the amazing ironwoman Nikki to go out with our friend Cheryl – a lady in our cycle club, Romford CC, for her first ever road ride!


We headed off and Cheryl was not flustered by clipping in and out of the pedals, traffic, junctions or anything – much braver than I was when I first started!  However, this was not an event free ride!  Unfortunately the dear Cheryl decided she would show us how she could gracefully end up in a bush!  I had picked a route that was country roads, which is relatively traffic free and we were going great (Cheryl’s top speed was over 20 mph – not too shabby at all!) and we were singing and laughing and joking and talking about mishaps Nikki and I have had on the bike and also Cheryl’s lovely husband Mark.  We were saying that sometimes you just don’t have enough time to unclip.  So our riding position was me on front, Cheryl in the middle and Nikki at the back so we were riding single file road positioning.  About 6 miles in I heard an ‘oh shit’ from Cheryl followed by a ‘she’s off, she’s come off’ from Nikki.  I unclipped, stopped and ran to where Nikki was wondering where Cheryl was – her bike was on the floor but she was not there.  She was tucked very nicely underneath a bush.  She quickly got up and exclaimed that she was fine, had a laugh about it and said to take a pic:


She wanted to carry on and so we did with two more we met along the way – the lovely Laura and Nicky.


Just under twelve miles in total and seated in a pub garden with drink in hand my husband and Cheryl’s husband turned up to find us 6 ladies laughing and had to tell Mark about the ride.  I did demonstrate the tortoise like crumpled position that Cheryl had taken in the bush and we all giggled.  Cheryl was fine as was her bike so alls well that ends well!

Sunday I was back to being spectator as my husband was taking part in the London Triathlon at Excel.  This was his first ever Olympic distance triathlon – he has been signed up to many, including a half ironman, but as I have mentioned before with him being in and out of hospital with his dodgy leg he has never quite made it ……until yesterday.

Olympic distance triathlon consists of a 1,500m swim, 40km bike ride and 10km run.  It was hot and there were 423 people in his wave alone.  He was hoping for a sub 3 hour time in total but with over 7,000 competing yesterday in total we were unsure how congested the course would be.

I was there with his friend Andrew as support to see him off and he was nervous.  On his handle bars he had his number sticker for the event and he had written on it ’til I collapse’ to keep him going – he is far too stubborn to quit!  It was a nice touch as was the race plate I had got him that he put on his bike with the numbers signifying his dads birthday as a reminder of him – he would have been so proud!

Our friend Tim turned up during the swim and heard me screaming ‘come on Brett’ before he saw me – to be fair it was a sea of green hats so I wasn’t sure where he was so just kept shouting it in the hope he heard at some point.  We headed to the transition area to see him again go from swim to bike and waited and waited……………and waited.  I nearly started to cry.  There were many people there from a local triathlon club, Havering Tri, and we had seen them coming back and out and cheered them along wondering where he was.  I nearly started to cry again and decided after 56 minutes something was wrong so headed back to the swim area to check the medical tent.  Turned out we missed him – all three of us simply missed him in transition (useless).  Our friends Rich and Nikki had turned up to support also and they had seen him so we knew all was ok and that was the main thing.

We headed out to the course to see the bike and saw the lovely Glen and then Lucy but still no Brett and not wanting to miss him again we headed back in to make sure we saw him in the transition from bike to run – which we did!  Was lovely to see him grinning away and he shouted out his swim and bike times, which were 32 minutes swim and 1 hour 11 bike so he was well on track for a sub 3 hour time.

The three of us headed back out and found a place on the run course and saw him again and again and again as it was laps.  I even got the DJ to give him a shout out too and on the last lap once again we headed inside to see him finish and he did so with a huge grin on his face with a run time of 55 minutes meaning he had finished in 2 hours 48 minutes – well under the 3 hour mark.  I’m so proud of him!!  Although for his next event he needs to wear something less inconspicuous as his black tri suit blended in with all the other hundreds of participants making him really hard to spot!  Maybe some dashing Romford CC pink and yellow?


As I feel so bloated I am slightly cheating this week and not weighing myself today as I am going to plan plan plan my meals like I usually do and use this week to get back on track so next weigh in will be next Monday and I will let you know then how I got on.  Please don’t judge me.  This is my story and it is still being written.  Plus I am slightly worried with how bleugh I feel this may happen:


And now I am off for a run!  But before I do I want to say a huge well done to the lovely Amy, Hayley and Kay who all completed their first half ironman event yesterday in Dublin with amazing times and results!  Happy Monday! x

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