Entry 100 – I have a confession to make….

I had a couple of weeks, as I mentioned in a blog post, where I was on a training course (which I passed by the way so am now Prince 2 qualified thank you very much) and then was on holiday.  Whilst I did still exercise on holiday lets face it I was in Egypt and it was really bloody hot and also, well, I was on holiday.  During this time I did not add a weigh in to my blog posts.  On purpose.  I had put on weight #hangsheadinembarassedshamewhilstiwipecookiecrumbsoffmylip.  I’m joking I am not eating cookies.  Only two pounds on so not the end of the world.


Back on the diet, back to training, back to it.  And this week I lost 1.5lbs so pleased with that!

I started my weight plan this week and after one session that covered back and biceps.  I found a pic that showed some weights and said act like a lady lift like a boss.  I would love to tell you that was me but I have the upper body strength of a baby bird and I am still aching several days later!  This is definitely going to take some time…..unless my arms fall off before that happens.

Friday night I went back for my second pilates class and the hubby wanted to come along so off we both set.  Never again.  He giggled like a child and I couldn’t look at him in case I did too!  If you have ever done pilates or yoga it is pretty quiet so giggling is really obvious!  One of the moves is like a rocking horse and the instructor can really go for it laying on her stomach, arms and legs up rocking back and forth.  The hubby tried this and I did laugh out loud.  Up he went and then down and stopped.  I thought he would headbutt the floor!  He is not the bendiest it turns out though he loved it too.  This week, however, I may position myself at the opposite end of the studio to him!

My alarm didn’t go off on Saturday and I woke up at 8.30am when Park Run starts at 9am.  I laid back in bed thinking oh well I’ve missed that then thought nope try and make it.  So up I got, dressed and jumped in the car and just made it!  Yep you will have noticed that I didn’t say showered before I left – no time, gross I know but I was going to be sweaty anyway so hey ho.

Two of my fellow Romford CC members were also there.  Steve got first place with the most amazing time of 18 minutes and 47 seconds – a time to me that seems humanly impossible!  Rob was placed at 24 minutes and I came in at 29 minutes.  Bless the two of them for waiting for me – they’ve not seen me at the end of a run – sweaty tomato and grumpy – the only thing I can think of saying is ‘I don’t like running’.

I wore my running jacket and although it was cold I completely overheated so ended up taking it off and running with it tied round my waist flapping about.  I was about 20 seconds slower than my pb at this park run although I managed to come fifth in my age group so all in all I was pleased I got my smelly behind out of bed and made it on time!  And I showered when I got home……honest!


Yesterday morning I popped out on my bike with the husband and it was cold!  We only got to the end of the road before we turned around and went back to have a little swap of items of clothing.  He was on call so had to be nearby just in case he received a call from work.  After 20 miles I was still not warm – quick stop in Starbucks to try and warm up, which was a rookie mistake as I felt even colder when I went back out.  Not the longest ride but still it all counts.


This week will see Trainer Road training on the bike, run club, spin, weights, pilates, and park run.

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