Entry 112 – Bounts – Earn while you exercise!

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could earn rewards for exercising?  Well you can with Bounts.


I heard about this through a friend and thought yes sign me up, I am doing the exercise anyway so why not?

You can sign up online and download the app to your smart phone and the rest is pretty simple.  Mine, for example, is connected to my Garmin and Strava and when I exercise and save my workouts from my devices it automatically syncs to show up on Bounts.

Every time you log an activity you get points and points make prizes!  Ok so not prizes but points (otherwise known as Bounts) can be collected and then swapped to spend.  You can earn cash vouchers for your favourite high street stores – genuine cash vouchers delivered to you.

And it’s free to join!

You can do as little as 20 minutes exercise, 7,000 steps or scan in at your gym (if they have this feature available) to gain bounts points.

You can see in the online shop where you can spend your bounts and some include Nike, Marks and Spencer, Starbucks, Amazon, iTunes – there are loads!

So why not sign yourself up and starting earning rewards whilst you workout?  If you fancy it you can use my referral code of thake805 which will get both you and I 100 bounts points when you have validated your account and completed your first activity.

Get involved!


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