Entry 114 -Christmas damage control

It has been a while since I last did a blog post and I could think of an excuse but the honest truth is I’ve been celebrating over the christmas period, which has been fun BUT………..


I have continued to exercise as I have been super conscious that too much celebrating, fruit cake, alcohol and christmas treats could leave me bed bound, needing a hoist to extract me from the house.  It started with a pre christmas spin session with the lovely Emma in which I managed to keep on my santa hat for the whole set although it is extremely sweaty and I think I will just throw it away now.



I was able to carry on with the training with some of my christmas treats as I was spoiled beyond belief (insert smug face).

The husband did good.  Better than good he exceeded himself.

After taking part in a few OCRs this year I would stare enviously at the dry robes but nothing under the tree looked like it could be that.  I first opened new running leggings that match my trainers perfectly from adidas and I must say are the most comfortable running leggings I have ever worn.  I also got new trail shoes from Reebok as I used old trainers at the last event at Nuclear Races and was skidding around like Bambi on ice.  I then came to the dry robe and not just any dry robe it was a Marks and Spencer dry robe, no only joking but it was special – it was pink and was personalised with Fat Girl Fit!!

My grandparents came to us, as is the usual tradition, and I was clearing up (after our dog had demolished a toy that was supposedly super strong) and the hubby was telling me there was a bit on the table and I could not see anything then noticed another present and that was when I opened it to find a new Garmin! The new Fenix 3! Amazingness!!  I had been totally spoiled.


Boxing day we went for a 5.5 mile trail run and the new watch and trail shoes got their first use.  Watch is amazing and the shoes were so comfortable and the mud and water drained quickly and was such a difference from using old trainers.

I have done a few runs over the christmas period (total of just under 25 miles), a 1 mile swim, turbo Trainer Road session (16.9 miles) and a bike ride with my lovely friend Laura (25.4 miles) so not too shabby.

I will follow this post with one later in the week with a round up of my first year of training and how it has gone and another about all the events I am signed up for and have planned for 2016 – it’s going to be awesome!


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