Entry 119 – Operation Spare Tyre

With the new year and all my goals set I am focussing primarily on my running until my first half marathon end of March and then will shift to cycling for the endurance event I have in August.  I’ve also started operation spare tyre with the amazing Emma who is a personal trainer from my gym.

Does anyone ever get a photo from an event and think yes that is a great one?  If you do then I am pleased for you and also envious.  I feel good about myself until I see a pic from an event and want to go home and eat everything in sight as I usually look like the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters!  But more red faced and sweaty.


And so I asked Emma to put together a plan for me and she did.  I actually messaged her and another trainer at the gym, Chris.  My husband and I are biased but they are the best ones!  Anyway my message read ‘are either of you at the gym in the morning?  What should I do to rid myself of my spare tyre gut?’.  That was when we called it #operationsparetyre.  It’s good, but hard.  It takes about an hour and is tabata style (I say that like I knew what it meant before Emma spoke of it).  I now know that tabata is high intensity training (otherwise referred to as HIIT).  The workout is a mixture of lots of different exercises with short rest intervals and lots of repeats and when I finish I get to do it all over again in another round – you see she’s nice like that!

I’m not the fastest on either the bike or running but I am trying my hardest and I figure that when I drop the excess 2 stone I want to lose this can only help my fitness levels also and by then the spare tyre will be gone so win win.

Yesterday I had a day out with my hubby and I had a cheat meal of tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich and it was good.  I was tempted by the burgers but I resisted (though I am aware a grilled cheese sandwich is not the best).  Having a weigh in day on a Monday helps keep me on track over the weekend for sure!  I just think of this:


Plus the fitness challenge has started at work again (I won the last two) and so that helps also.

My runs are getting longer and I am feeling stronger – now to feel lighter and get this weight loss plateau to move its still slightly flabby ass!


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