Entry 120 – The Winter Run

Yesterday I took part in the Winter Run.  The Winter Run is a 10k event through London organised by Human Race.  The Winter Run series takes part in Liverpool, London and Manchester.

I travelled up to London to meet the lovely ladies from The Earned Agency in my new running leggings that by chance matched my trainers and my nail varnish – bright coral so you wouldn’t miss me!

I had a cheeky protein ball from Fresh Fitness Food that were so tasty I will absolutely be getting more for future runs and bike rides.

Before I started I had some face painting done so was set and ready to run heading to the start line just as the rain started (of course).  Despite this (and the fact that I go bright red and sweat almost instantly) the face paint was fully in tact at the end of the run amazingly!

I took part in this run last year with my husband but yesterday I was taking it on solo and hoping to see some improvement.  My time last year was 1 hour 6 minutes and this year I got 1 hour 1 minute event time.  However!  Somehow I managed to go off course at one point (following a large group of runners I thought was on the run, whilst fiddling with my ipod, who were actually just out on their own run but quickly realised and rectified) and so actually completed a slightly longer course of 6.5miles and was pleasantly surprised that my Strava notified me that I managed pb’s for my 5k (28 mins 44 seconds) and also my 10k (58 mins 42 seconds).  Now I have been chasing a sub hour 10k for a long time.  I have done it once before on a run with my dog but not at an actual event so was absolutely chuffed by this.

Anyway enough about me back to the event.  The run takes place on closed roads through London, which can be somewhat surreal especially as I ran almost past my work that is usually hustle and bustle.  Along the route the support from the event organisers is great.  There are bears, penguins and snowmen.  There are people cheering you on as part of the event crew and snow stations where snow is blown out to you as you run past.

You finish to receive a really lovely medal followed closed by a bear hug – you can’t say no to a bear hug!

IMG_3751 copy

I will be back next year also for this – a great run with a great atmosphere and organised brilliantly! And all for a great cause – Cancer Research.  I saw many people on route from my running club Havering ’90 Joggers, work colleagues, friends and a number of people from the Nuclear Races family so it’s safe to say this run was a hit all round!

When I got home I realised that following today’s run I had run a total of 99km for January so I did what any insane person would do and put my trainers back on and ran around the block (in my jeans) with my dog, to make my total 100km for January (yes I am that sad).

And so the Winter Run saw my finish January with a smile on my painted face, pb’s for both 5k and 10k and a total running distance for January of 100km and what a better way to get to that point!



6 thoughts on “Entry 120 – The Winter Run

  1. Great Job on the PB, it was a lovely race! My face paint didn’t fare as well and it was in streams down my face by the end of the race – I was dreading my race photos but they seem to look OK!

    Amazing job with 100k for January – It’s funny what runners do to get the numbers they want – you’ll often find me running back down the road if I haven’t hit a mile marker properly! 😉

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