Entry 54 – Cycling, Cycling, Cycling and weigh in day

What a lovely weekend!  If not a tad bit fresh on the bike!

Friday I had a lovely day with him indoors out on our bikes to see the lovelies at Yellow Jersey Cycles in Billericay (one of the sponsors of our cycling club Romford CC).  It was windy……..very windy.  It is 21 miles to Billericay and I was half hoping we had a car there rather than cycling back just for some release from the wind – it was relentless.  When I saved my ride on Strava I named it Ride out to Billericay in the Bast*rd Wind.


Another gross fact about cycling is the snot.  Sorry but it is a fact that a lot of cyclists often need to blow their nose out whilst cycling pretty much in order to breathe.  It’s not nice and I cannot do it so now and then say I need to stop to use a tissue.  Him indoors says I need to learn so on Friday I tried (when ensuring I was down an empty country lane with no one around to see).  Turn your head he said, put your index finger on your nostril and blow out.  Yep I ended up with it on my arm, chin, bit on my foot and on the floor – beautiful.

Saturday me and him were planning on doing a route our friend Timmy (who I will now name the route master) had done with his lovely lady Minnie (now named Minnie the Machine as she smashing it cycling and running and exercising – and shrinking in the process but looks FABULOUS)!  We then found that some of the cycle club members were also planning on doing the same route on the same day so we all went together.  I nearly didn’t make it.  I am not that experienced cycling in a group and riding so close pretty much freaks me out so I was at the back and 10 miles in was not having a great ride.  Me and him then had a barney.  He is into tough love.  I wanted to punch him in the face.  Anyway on to Hanningfield we headed, nice little stop on the reservoir for a cuppa and to warm up Sophie’s fingers which were now a rather strange white colour from the cold in her fingerless gloves.


They said it was a lovely route.  They lied.  Well not completely but I should have know that the route master is a demon on the bike and Minnie the Machine can beast a hill right alongside him.  For me they destroy me.  Give me a flat any time.  Up and down and up and down and up and down – yuk!  The ride home was much nicer and the lovely folk we were with had a good ride despite me telling them to go on a leave me.  It was like a scene from a war movie – they powered up every hill while I slowly died a little bit more inside at every incline and told them to go on without me – seriously save yourself!

Sunday was the club ride with the lovely people from Romford CC – a brilliant turn out of 32 people.  If you are looking for a club then look no further as these guys are amazing.  Riding out to Blackmore listening to the dulcet tones of Mrs Brawner.  However, the very lovely Chairman did appear to be wearing a pair of rather dashing bright pink socks, which clearly should belong to me – if he were not so damn quick on the bike I would have tried to nab them for sure. Such a group of lovely people.  Especially my spin buddy Rich who came up behind me on a hill and with a hand on the base of my back pushed me on a bit as I was pedalling – best hill ever!  Rich if you could appear during every hill climb and repeat that you know thanks and all ha ha


3 days cycling covering 144.3 miles and thoroughly enjoyed every minute (that was not going up a hill).

I had a message on facebook from a friend who had been out cycling asking how to stop the aching under carriage?  A common issue on the bike for both males and females.  I cannot put my response on here but it included my regular reference to losing my vagina on a ride and being numb down there.  You get used to it though.  Like an old leather handbag (oops did I just say that).  I use this, from Yellow Jerseys Nate Dawg, fab stuff! Chamois cream to apply pre ride to stop chaffing – nice huh!  Of course you do set out feeling like you have wet yourself.  The joys of cycling!


Monday came around far too quickly!  If Mondays were shoes they’d be Crocs!  Monday is of course weigh in day and the result of me being squeezed into lycra for three days solid and spinning my legs for many miles is 1lb so plaque is updated.


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