Entry 58 – The Nutri Bullet

I treated myself to a new toy – the Nutri Bullet Pro.


I have heard amazing things and thought I would give it a go and it got the seal of approval from him indoors.  We cleared a space on the kitchen side – if you are anything like me then once it gets put in a cupboard that is where it will live out its ever increasing dusty days.

Included in the bundle were two recipe books, which we started flicking through eagerly and then off we set to our local farm shop to fill up on fruit and veg remembering none of the recipes and filling our basket aimlessly with anything and everything.

Back at home we began with our first attempt – as I said no recipe followed (that would be far too easy) just started chopping and peeling and adopted a bung it all in approach.  This was the before:


And this was the result:


The machine is vicious – it would obliterate anything in a matter of seconds.  Now I am not going to sugar coat it I realise it does not look overly appealing, however, it was really tasty! Though you could definitely taste the celery so we are on a bit of a work out how to sweeten the juice as I would prefer not a glass of liquidized celery – call me crazy.

Him indoors came home from work the following day with a bag full of washable small plastic bottles and the idea that we would juice juice juice and can fill the bottles and take to work and have on the go.  To my surprise the following day as we set off for work I had a little bottle of juice sat there waiting for me that he had made and it was good!  (Food always tastes better when someone else makes it ha ha).  It contained banana, plum, apple, orange, pineapple and pink grapefruit juice.  Will be making that one again (or he can).


A friend of ours, who is a keen advocate of this gadget has given some tips and added to our inventory is now chia seeds, goji berries, almond butter and unsweetened almond milk.

According to the recipe book you can also make dips and all sorts in it so the possibilities are endless.

He ended up buying berries galore last night and I came home to a really yummy juice made of blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, banana, pineapple and orange juice – what a good wife he is!  Although he has reminded me I should only be drinking one of these a day as it is high in natural sugar.

If you have a nutri bullet share some recipe ideas please and thank you otherwise I am going to juice all of my delicious organic fruit and vegetables…..then just add vodka……don’t judge me.

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