Entry 59 – A new bra, Cambridge 50 mile bike ride and weigh in day

I tried to run on Saturday – my spin classes had been fine so I was confident I could attempt a run with my still swollen and bruised leg from falling off my bike.  I didn’t even get to the end of the road as every step felt like someone was punching me in the bruise!  Walked back to my house and collected my gym gear instead.  Running will have to wait until this bruise has gone.  It is very dark now and almost looks like a baby scan – I am having a baby bruise!

After the weight loss I am now two bra sizes smaller than at the start – him indoors will be in mourning! So I now have a new over the shoulder boulder holder!  Long overdue and there were no nice sports bras in pink but my ever growing collection of exercise clothing needed this new item.  I would like to know why some look so ugly and some you need an extra person to get you in and out of it!


Isn’t it always the way that if you pre enter for an event the weather is bound to be dismal?  Sunday I had entered the Cambridge 50 mile bike ride and the weather predicted was some light rain, followed by hard rain, then some more light rain and with wind as well.  Given that the great British weather is generally poor, and of course with it being a bank holiday weekend that is always a sure fire way that the weather is going to be pants, I figured I may as well grin and bear it so got all my stuff ready Saturday night and I was all set.  I would be riding with my friend Helen and another Romford CC member, and friend, Joseph.  There were others that were going from Romford CC (the speedy boys) but they were hard core and doing the 100 mile route.

The husband decided to pass given the weather as he has a half marathon next week so best not to be full of a cold or ill but he took us all down there and waited and drove us back bless him!  He did get a nice burger out of it and banter with all the cycle club which is always fun!

The weather was as predicted and so we set off in the wet and windy conditions and about 10 miles in we passed the speedy boys who were stopping for a puncture and at the rest stop almost half way in they caught us up and it was smiles all round – I am being sarcastic we were all wet through and cold and so when we set off we ended up riding in one big group and when the split marker came we all continued in one big group.  I think you would have had to be a sadist to do 100 miles in that wind and rain and not even get a medal!

At about 32 miles I got a puncture – my first puncture on my bike and I knew something was up as it just felt odd and sure enough my back wheel was slowly going flat.  I would like to say I rose to the occasion and in no time I got myself back on the road.  But that would be a lie.  Half the group stopped and so the four of us flipped over my bike and started sorting out the back wheel – well Helen and Steve did – mostly Steve.  It’s good being part of a cycle club with other riders who know this stuff – like having your own crew with you!  As I emptied my saddle bag with all the gear (and no idea) I was asked for the tyre levers and so held out some blue plastic things and asked ‘is this them?’, which made everyone laugh and ensured they would be changing the inner tube and not me, once that was done and the gas canister was used that was passed to me and got stuck to my fingers as they are really cold once used you know like really really cold (I’m not totally stupid – just slightly).

In the process I managed to save my ride so my event was loaded to Strava in two pieces but that’s fine.


If the weather was better it would be a lovely route along the canal, cobble paths, fields and lovely countryside – in the soaking wet and some wind that made you feel like you were going nowhere at times, not so much.  We were all smiling at the finish though!


Monday again!  Which means weigh in day again!  This week saw a 2lb loss so the total is now 45lbs and carrying on.


Now I am off to with the Romford CC peeps for another ride – happy bank holiday Monday all!

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