Entry 60 – Snacking and My Fitness Pal

You can’t out exercise a bad diet!  Unfortunately I love my food….really love my food – cooking it, eating it, making it for other people (if I am overweight I will make others as well ha ha).  On my way to work I will have pretty much already decided what I will be having for lunch and when people say oh I forgot to eat I think they must be a special kind of stupid – I plan my entire day around eating!

I was trying to think of foods I can snack on that are healthy and low in calories.  The joys of being on a diet!  There is a reason the word die is in diet.  It is even worse if you are trying to eat whilst on the go, your options can be limited to……. eating the napkin, straw or maybe ice? Tempting……..not.

But seriously I was looking for snacks in particular for up to 200 calories and found some interesting options. It is funny (and also hugely depressing) to see a quick visual for the equivalent of the same calorie amount:

IMG_8278   IMG_8282 IMG_8283IMG_8281

I have found, for me, planning what I will eat and recording it is the best thing that works though everyone is different.  I also never do food shopping when hungry otherwise I may come home the proud owner of aisle 4!  I have an app on my phone called My Fitness Pal and it’s great.  I go for a new high score every day – winning! I’m joking of course.  It’s so easy to use (I am not that bright and I have it nailed).  You can add your details, how much you weigh, goal weight and it sets a target of calories per day and off you go.  You can log your food and drink either by searching in the foods already listed in their database (I have only found a few not in there) or literally scan the barcode of the item you are eating/drinking.  It will then add the calories (I think of them as yummy points) etc and deduct from your daily amount.

You can also add your exercising in the app too and it tells you an approximate amount of calories burnt.  Although exercising would be so much more rewarding if the calories screamed while you burned them!

It’s quite interesting to find certain foods are high in salt, carbs, protein etc. Not everything you see labelled as low fat is in fact what it seems and very often when you see the words fat free or low fat you should sometimes think of the words chemical shit storm instead.

A funny way of looking at exercising and calories could be this:


But seriously do not reward yourself with food – you are not a dog!

I am now on day 7 of my new 30 day ab challenge – Dear Abs, I may not see you, but I feel you brewing something serious and I cannot wait to finally meet you!

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