Entry 72 – Hill repeats, Old Church B*tch and swimming

This week I started out with a run and finally managed to get a sub 1 hour 10k though as much as I hate running (sorry I don’t think I will ever be one of those people who love it as it does not come naturally to me but ask me again when I am a couple of stone lighter and I may have a different opinion) I feel like I have to do this again at an event.  The reason being is my furry running partner.  I have mentioned this before but much as I love my little April dog running with her is not always easy and can be stop start from the beginning to the end.  Why do dogs have to pee every twenty metres?  And I have to slow to check its not anything else that I need to stop an clear up.  Why does she run off and then come back and stop directly in front of me?  Why Does she suddenly dart across me?  Why does she want to be friends with every dog in the park but when she runs over to them then just lays on the floor?  Maybe like me she doesn’t actually like running and probably thinks right I will show her for dragging me out – she’s probably laughing the whole way round the park loop!

I’ve been reading Womens Running magazine trying to get some inspiration so I can be one of those people who I see in the park who stride along smiling as they run making it look so effortless whilst I puff and pant like a shuffle along.  I have therefore decided that I shall start interval training.  Apparently it will help make me faster, build strength, prevent injury and help with my breathing.  I will believe this when I see the results as I tend to slow at even the slightest of inclines.  So far my running has consisted of putting my trainers on and just running and hoping for the best but I have seen so many people doing this and you don’t get better at running hills by walking them so I am going to do the opposite and run up and down them instead.  I make this sound like I am so sensible but really I will just be in the park and whilst the other runners are doing their hill repeats and speed work I will just be going up and down hoping to catch my breath and not die.

So Monday morning bright and early I shall be out there running up and down a hill in the park like a crazy lady!


Talking of hills yesterday I ventured out on my own to the dreaded Old Church Hill that was the scene of the marital fall out the first time.  I have been up this hill 3 times in one day and the first time I didn’t make it – I actually gave up which is unlike me as I am a stubborn old boot and hence why I then went back.  I had yesterday off and was going to be busy but wanted to get some cycling in so I headed in that direction again.  This hill starts as a long drag and then kicks up a bit and then again every time if goes round a slight bend and you end with just a concrete uphill facing you where you cannot see the end (of hell).  I figured I should do this again and on my own.  Now I talk to myself (sometimes in my head and sometimes out loud) when running and cycling and for me its a mental battle and when I know I can do something it helps.  Yesterday I won’t lie I got half way up and thought oh god I’ve not yet got to the house on the right with the driveway by the road, which is the point where I know I am on the final stretch.  Will I make it?  Or will Old Church Hill be the place of my death?  If you see me there just push me and my bike in a nearby bush – we’ll be fine.

After what felt like an eternity I got to the driveway and having used all my gears was just spinning and trying not to look up to where you cannot see the end.  In my head I was saying ‘come on Lisa you can do this, you’ve got this’ but really I was thinking yep I’m going to have to stop any minute.  But I didn’t.  I could hear my breathing though and it did sound like I was going to die or at least carried around with me an oxygen tank for some medical condition.  This was even better when I got to the top, sounding like a cow in labor, to find some fellow cyclists tinkering with their bikes to witness me in my finest glory.  They said well done and whilst I caught my breath they were chatting.  They were also far more sensible than me and were going down the thing rather than up it although I hear the hill on the other side is worse and so I am not sure who lucked out there, them or me?  Maybe next time I will go up this thing the other way?  Just to totally finish myself off!

I did manage to find a pic of this hill online – my intention was to do the hill, then the loop back around and go up again but there was a car parked in the driveway I mentioned and this hill is not big enough for anyone to be parked on it and so I figured if there is nowhere to stop do the next best thing and just hit Google instead! The pic doesn’t make it look that bad actually but my legs would say otherwise.


After I conquered what I now refer to as Old Church Bitch I went swimming though not for myself instead I took my friends two gorgeous boys for their swimming lessons.  So much fun!  Though I did have to dunk both of them – they probably now hate me!  My friend managed to take some pics and thought it was hilarious.  As you will be able to see from my face – I did not but can assure you I am not trying to drown baby George as the pic would otherwise suggest!


Tomorrow I have another cycling event and i am definitely seeing improvement – perhaps down to the 3 spin classes I do every week?  This weeks were taken by the lovely instructor Paul and they are a workout for sure – Wednesday’s class finished with an 18 minute sprint in dedication to Sir Bradley Wiggins after his one hour record.  Ouch is all I can say.  Oh and sweaty, very sweaty!

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